5 Famous People Arrested In Houston

Even famous people aren’t above the law, and these 5 famous people arrested in Houston are no exception. Everyone, even celebrities, makes mistakes, so it is not uncommon for celebrities to get arrested as they are under constant public scrutiny. The most common reasons celebrities are arrested are the same common mistakes the average person makes, including drunk driving and drug charges.

Just because these crimes are commonly committed, that does not make them any less of a crime. Here are 5 famous people arrested in Houston, learn from their mistakes and save yourself from getting arrested in Houston.

Vince Young

Vince Young was a quarterback for the University of Texas and is known to be one of, if not the best quarterbacks in the NCAA. This is a big achievement, and he went on to have a 6 season career with two different teams in the NFL. The NFL was his career from 2006 to 2011.

Even these achievements couldn’t save him from legal trouble, though. He, like many others, was arrested for the crimes he committed. His first offense was in 2016. He was arrested in Austin for a DWI, meaning his blood alcohol concentration was above .08. Young was released with a fine and a sentence of 60 hours of community service. He again faced the same trouble in 2019 in Fort Bend County, which is right outside of Houston. 

George W. Bush

Long before Bush was president, he had a little too much fun inKenbunkport, Maine. In 1976, the future president was arrested for driving while intoxicated. He was arrested and fined $150, which in today’s buying power equates to about $632.45 from 46 years of inflation.

This day in September of 1976 was called into question during his first run for the presidency. He addressed the issue and admitted it, and also added that he quit drinking in 1986. He quit drinking after a particularly bad hangover from his 40th birthday celebration, and due to the fact he had an impactful encounter with Billy Grahm.

Though he wasn’t arrested in Houston, he began his political career here and lived in the area for many years.

Paul Slayton AKA “Paul Wall”

Paul Wall is a Houston rapper, songwriter, and DJ. His music career is ongoing and his birth name is Paul Slayton. This rapper ran into legal trouble in 2016 when he was arrested for felony drug charges. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver. His bail was set at $20,000, and he was released after the bail was paid.

He is not the first rapper to be arrested for the possession of cannabis, but he is one of the fortunate ones to be cleared of the charges. There was not enough evidence to carry out a prosecution, and he continues to live his best life with his wife and children as a free man.

Ronald Ray Bryant AKA “Baby Bash”

Bryant was arrested alongside Paul Slayton in Houston, Texas. His bail was also set to $20,000, and like Slayton, he was cleared of the charges. He continues with his music career as a free man.

Tim Williams

Williams is an actor and spokesperson for Trivago, a hotel and vacation booking site. He was found passed out in traffic with his foot on the break and arrested for driving while intoxicated. Trivago released a statement noting that they take these matters seriously, as driving under the influence poses a risk to the driver and everyone on the road.

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