Are You in Need of a Traffic Bail Bond?

Here are some traffic violations that will land you in jail and how we can help you out.

Getting a traffic ticket is always a nightmare. Sometimes, all you get is a ticket and a fine, but other times you could even get arrested. If you find yourself in the latter situation, give ABC Bail Bonds a call. We have been bailing people out of jail since 1950. If you are in need of a traffic bail bond, our bondsmen are readily available. They know the ins and outs of the justice system, which is why we can ensure a speedy release. 

Traffic Violations that Need a Bail Bond

Traffic violations range from speeding tickets, to driving under suspension, to serious felonies like aggravated vehicular assault. While many people have gotten a speeding ticket, paid the fine, and have continued their normal day, others unfortunately end up in jail for their mistakes. A traffic bail bond is given for serious offenses that require a court appearance. We have listed some of these offenses below.

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Multiple speeding tickets
  • DUI//OVI

Driving with a Suspended License

Whether you knew if your license was suspended or not, if you are caught driving you can get arrested for it. You will need to post bail in order to be released from jail until your court date. ABC Bail Bonds offers speedy and affordable traffic bail bonds. If you have committed this offense before, your bail amount will be set much higher by the judge.

Reckless Driving

When you drive in an unsafe manner, you are committing a serious offense. Vehicles are considered dangerous and they are life-threatening, so you will be charged if you are driving irresponsibly. Examples of reckless driving include:

  • Going more than 25 mph over the speed limit
  • Racing another vehicle
  • attempting to elude a police officer
  • Excessive lane changing, especially during rush hours
  • Neglect to stop at traffic light ot stop sign

You can be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the severity of the reckless endangerment. If you are charged with a felony, your bail will be higher than if you were charged with a misdemeanor.

Hit and Run 

If you leave the scene of an accident, you could be charged with a felony. You are required to exchange insurance and contact information during an accident. Therefore, if you fail to stop and you are caught, you could be charged for a serious offense.

Get a Traffic Bail Bond with ABC Bail Bonds

If you have gotten arrested in Houston, Texas, or surrounding areas for a traffic violation, get in touch with ABC Bail Bonds today. We understand that the bail process can be difficult, which is why we will be with you through the entire process. All you need to do is pay a small percentage of the bail amount to secure a bond with us. We will cover the rest. Give us a call and we will get started on your case immediately.

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