Bail Advice: Should I Bail Them Out?

It’s one of the most unpleasant phone calls you can receive. The familiar tone of the collect call prompt lets you know that you have a call from the local jail, and panic sets in. Chances are, if you receive this call, you will have a choice to make. It is a big responsibility to bail someone out of jail. Not only are you making a financial commitment to purchase a bail bond, but you may also be risking collateral. Before you make such an important decision, there are many things you should consider.

Can You Trust This Person?

When someone you love is arrested, emotions can run high. If your loved one asks you to bail them out, it is important to think critically about whether you can trust them. Mistakes happen, and good people end up in jail all the time. A friend who has fallen on hard times and doesn’t have a history of breaking the law is probably someone you can feel confident investing in. If the person has a criminal background and hasn’t tried to make progress in changing their life, you might want to think twice about whether you can support them in this way. You may also choose to help them, but build certain requirements into their bail. The court can order that they participate in drug treatment programs, remain sober, or stay within certain boundaries, as just a few examples.

Can You Afford It?

Bail can be very expensive. Depending on the offense, even the 10% fee for a bail bond can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention any collateral you may be required to put up. Even if your friend or loved one is trustworthy, you should still consider whether you can comfortably afford to help. A bail bond fee is non-refundable. Even if your loved one promises to pay you back, it could be a long time before they are back on their feet to the point where they can do so. It’s understandable to want to help someone very close to you, but you also have to consider your own financial well-being. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation to support someone else.

Can You Support Them In Other Ways?

After you have bailed out your loved one, they are likely to need additional support. Depending on their offense, they may need to get a car out of impound or need alternate transportation. They may need a place to stay or help finding treatment programs or other resources required by the court. Financial support is important, but when people are trying to change their lives, they need emotional support as well. Are you prepared to be that person for your loved one?

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