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Common Myths About Bail Bonds

There are a lot of myths about bail bonds floating around, that can make you feel hesitant to get one. However, it doesn’t have to be a scary or overwhelming process. Our bondsmen at ABC Bail Bonds want to make this as painless as possible and get you out of jail fast. So we’re going to dispel some common myths and set your mind at ease. 

All Bail Must be Paid Before Release

A bail bond is a good option to help you get out of jail fast, without paying the entire amount set by a judge. Your bondsmen can’t negotiate the amount set by a judge, but they can get you out if you don’t have the full amount. You typically pay 10% of the fee to the bondsman, and the court accepts that if you don’t appear at your hearing the bond company will pay your bail. 

Cash Bail Means Only Cash

Bond agencies understand that you might be short on cash. That’s why they’re there to help you. A bondsman may also accept collateral like a vehicle, jewelry, land, or other property. Each bail company forms its own guidelines, so don’t count yourself out before talking to them. 

Bail Bondsmen Are Rough

There’s a stereotype that bail bondsmen are rough and crass. However, they are usually very professional and undergo vetting by the bonds company. The employer runs background checks, trains bondsmen, and requires them to get a state-issued license. Bail bondsmen are professionals who work hard to build trust and get you out of jail fast. 

Bail Bondsmen Put Criminals on the Streets

The court grants an individual bond, which gives them the right to temporary freedom. Bondsmen don’t set the amount and they didn’t make the rule. They just put up money that the defendant might not have on hand. Also, many people are locked up for petty crimes and aren’t a danger to society. It’s possible someone will be locked up and serving a short-term sentence for not paying parking tickets. Not to mention the U.S. legal system enforces the “innocent until proven guilty” ideology. 

Bail and Bond Cost the Same

If you pay with bail, you’re required to pay the full amount. However, if a bondsman pays your bail they serve as a guarantor and agree to pay the full amount if you skip your hearing. However, then they will use your collateral to pay bail and chase you down to pay any balance it didn’t cover. The bondsman keeps the 10% fee even if you do appear to all of your court dates. 

You Should Serve Jail Time Immediately

Securing a bail bond gives you time to get your affairs in order. You may have to make provisions for loved ones or perhaps you want to continue conducting research on your own behalf before your trial. 

ABC Bail Bonds

If you were arrested don’t wait to call ABC Bail Bonds in Houston. We will work to get you out of jail fast. We want to give you the opportunity to find a good lawyer, make preparations for your loved ones, or just stay clear of overcrowded jails. If you’re in Houston or the surrounding area we’re ready to help you out. No questions asked!

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