Common Questions People Have About Bail Bonds

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is posted by a guarantor of your choice resulting in your release from jail. It’s a way for the courts to ensure that you will be present at all of your bail hearings. Many people choose this option because you aren’t personally responsible for coming up with the entire bail amount– just 10%. This amount can be paid with U.S. currency or collateral. 

Why do bail bonds exist?

The bond system exists for the benefit of defendants. All defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty, so it would be unfair to punish them by incarcerating them for the weeks or months leading up to their court date. Posting bail ensures they will attend their hearing, but allows them to return to their daily life, prepare a defense, or get their affairs in order. 

Are bail bondsmen cops or bounty hunters?

No. All a bail bondsmen does is post your bond so you can be released from jail. However, if you should skip your hearing you will be responsible for paying back the full bail amount. There will also be a warrant out for your arrest at this time. A cop or bounty hunter may seek you out and promptly return you to jail. This task however is outside of a bail bondsmen’s job description. 

Can a bail bondsmen arrest you?

No, a bail bondsman can’t arrest you. However, they may hire a bounty hunter to collect an outstanding debt from you or the police may arrest you. 

What percentage of bail do you charge for a bond and why?

Bail bonds in Texas are 10%. For example, if a judge sets your bail at $10,000 you will only be responsible for paying $1,000. 

Do I get my money back when the trial ends?

If you post your own bail and are at all of your court dates the entire amount will be returned to you. When you work with a bail bond company the circumstances are a bit different. You don’t pay the full amount yourself. You only pay a 10% fee which then becomes payment for the guarantor’s services. In this case, you won’t get anything back unless you placed too much collateral. 

What can I use as collateral?

Just about anything that is of value and free of debt can be leveraged as collateral. Common items include homes, land, vehicles, jewelry, and firearms. 

Does everyone qualify for bail?

Most everyone who is arrested in Texas qualifies for bail. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. If you pose a risk to the community or are a flight risk you may be denied bail. You may also be denied bail if you’re a habitual offender or stand accused of a particularly heinous crime. 

What are bail conditions?

Bail conditions are a set of guidelines you must adhere to before a judge will grant your release from jail. These conditions typically include travel limitations, weapon restrictions, and may call for drug or alcohol testing depending upon the crime. 

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