Contempt of Court and How to Avoid It

“Contempt of court” is used in both criminal and civil cases, and it is something you could end up facing if you do not follow through with everything you must do when out on bail. If you are out on bail, you should understand what contempt of court is and how to avoid it if you want to avoid further legal troubles.

What is Contempt of Court?

If you have never been involved in a court case before (and, maybe even if you have) you might not really know what being held “in contempt of court” means.  You know it sounds bad.  You know it’s not something you necessarily want to do. But, just what is “contempt of court?”

In other words, you can be held in contempt of court when you disrespect the court’s authority. 

You have to know that there’s an order and what the order says.  If you or your lawyer were in court, the judge will conclude that you knew about the order.  You must also be able to comply with the order.  The judge has to find that you willfully failed to comply with the court order, to be held in contempt. 

If you think the judge’s order was wrong, you (or your lawyer) may be able to ask the judge to reconsider his or her ruling.  But, if the judge refuses to do so, you need to either comply with the court order or face the consequences. Whether you agree with the court order or not is entirely irrelevant.

How this happens when out on bail 

When you get out of jail by paying bail, it means that you are agreeing to follow through with everything the court requires of you. Failure to do so could result in the judge ruling that you are in contempt of court. The most common reason contempt happens for a person who is out on bail is failure to appear to a court date. Another common reason this could happen is if you are charged with another crime while out on bail. There are additional reasons that this can also occur.

There are potential consequences for contempt of court when out on bail

If the judge rules that you are in contempt of court for any reason, you should expect to return to jail right away. You should also expect there not to be any bail allowed during this time. You would have to remain there until your case is settled and you have completed your jail sentence.

If you are about to get out of jail on bail or already are out on bail, you must understand how contempt of court works. If you need help with your bail or have questions about this subject, talk to a bail bonds agent.

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