How Houston Jails Can Prepare for a Corona Virus Outbreak

The recent spread of COVID-19 (known as the corona virus) has caused many to worry about public health and safety. While those of us walking free must worry about ourselves, those who are incarcerated are also at risk of contracting and succumbing to the virus. People’s ability to self-quarantine and obtain supplies to stay safe and sanitary does not carry over into jails and prisons. The health and wellbeing of those behind bars are just as valuable as ours out here, so we are going to share some ways Houston jails and prisons can ensure inmates stay safe from the corona virus. If you have been arrested in Harris County and need quick, affordable release, ABC Bail Bonds can help you. We work hard to provide everyone a chance at freedom.

Implement Screenings

Doctors are working tirelessly to find effective screening methods to detect the virus early on. In the case of jails and prisons, having mandatory screenings for everyone who enters should become protocol during this time of uncertainty. These screenings should happen to staff members, visiting friends and families and incoming inmates. This will lessen the chances of the corona virus entering those close quarters in the first place, because once it is inside it has the potential to spread like wildfire in a cramped jail.

Sufficient Supplies

Having the correct supplies and facilities to treat inmates with the corona virus is a must. Providing medical masks and sufficient hand soap can help inmates keep up their hygiene. As well, jails and prisons need to make sure cells, common areas and even hallways are kept clean and sanitary to avoid the spread of germs.

Jails and prisons also need to start thinking about how they could separate infected inmates from those who are healthy if it comes down to that. Minimizing the contact will minimize the chances of spreading within jail walls.

Knowledgeable Staff

Unfortunately for those behind bars, the best medical staff is not always available. Making sure medical staff are knowledgeable in this kind of virus is extremely important to catch early symptoms. Having an infectious disease nurse who knows how to properly identify severe illnesses can prevent an inmate from coming in contact with too many people before it is too late. While some medical staff will write off symptoms as a cold or flu, an infectious disease nurse will know better.

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Just because someone is incarcerated does not mean they should not be protected from a health emergency. Unfortunately, it is very easy for virus and disease to spread inside of jails and prisons. If Harris County takes precautions by providing adequate medical supplies, knowledgeable staff and effective screening processes, they can prevent Houston jails from succumbing to the spread of the corona virus.

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