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How Spending Time in Jail Can Affect Your Children

Anyone who has been arrested, or booked into jail, knows how much of an impact this experience can have on their lives and daily routines. For adults who are caring for kids though, this type of situation can be even more nerve-wracking. All kinds of questions could arise, and it can extremely difficult to remain calm and handle the situation effectively.

Fears such as “Who will take care of my child?” or “How fast can I get out of here to see my kid?” will likely be front and center during the time a person spends locked in a cell. For those arrested on a weekend, these worries can get even worse because of the extra time spent waiting to see a judge.

For some parents in the Houston, TX area, there are many questions about how being arrested and sent to jail might impact their children. To help address these issues, the team here at ABC Bail Bonds has decided to share some information about how different situations might affect a child, and how they will be taken care of even if their parent has been arrested.

Getting Arrested in Front of Your Child

Although rare, there are some situations where a parent might be arrested in from of their child or children. While this scenario can be both frustrating and embarrassing, it is important to remember to keep the safety of the child at the forefront of your thoughts. When this type of event occurs, most arresting officers will give an adult the chance to contact a family member who can take custody of the children before proceeding with the arrest.

In some rare instances though, if there is no one available to help or if the officers involved don’t allow you to make a phone call, then Child Protective Services (CPS) could become involved. While your kids won’t be arrested, they will be taken into temporary custody so they can get the care they need during your time in jail.

For Times When You’re Not with Your Children

For practically any parent, their number one priority is getting back to their kids when they’re being arrested and booked into jail. While it can be emotionally draining and even overwhelming to feel forced to stay separated from your children, it is important to remember to stay calm. By staying in control, the officers involved are more likely to be accommodating to your requests for a phone so you can contact someone who can look after your child or children until you can get released. 

Making a phone call is not a protected right, and if you’re not on your best behavior during the arrest and booking process, then many officers may simply deny access to a phone. Keeping yourself civil and maintaining composure while explaining your role as a parent can go a long way towards convincing an officer to help you.

In some rare situations, you could still be denied access to a phone even when you’re behaving as calmly as possible and using a civil attitude. During these circumstances, it is best to carefully note as much as possible about the situation so that you can speak with an attorney about the situation at a later time.

What if CPS Takes Custody?

Having strangers take charge of your child can be a stressful experience. It is important to remember though, that at the very least, your child will have an adult watching over them and that they will be safe. In most cases, CPS will begin working to return the child to the care of a family member or relative. Their decision can also be influenced by your preferences so getting in contact with a person you trust to take care of your child can make the process easier overall.

This process involves obtaining proof of relationship, performing a background check, and in some cases, allowing CPS to inspect the living area to be sure it is safe for a child before they relinquish custody. If a suitable living situation cannot be established though, there is a chance that your child could become wards of the state under the care of CPS.

Getting Released Quickly Can Help

If you’re an adult who’s been sent to jail, then spending time locked up is probably the last thing you want. Instead of feeling trapped in a cell while worrying about the condition of your child, your best choice is to contact one of our experienced bail bondsmen so that we can help you secure your release. With years of experience and an understanding of the system, our team is always ready to help residents throughout the Houston, TX area so they can get released as quickly as possible.

If you’ve been arrested and need to get released quickly to continue caring for your child, don’t hesitate to contact us right away! 

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