How to Pay for the Full Bail Amount Without Cash

Getting arrested is never a good experience, and there are so many things that you will need to deal with. But luckily, the court will often allow you to post bail and wait for the trial at home. The idea behind it is quite simple. If you qualify for bail, the judge will set an amount based on the severity of the crime, previous criminal history, and other important details. The money necessary for bail is just a guarantee that you will appear in court. If you fail to show up, the money will be forfeit. In some cases, the total bail amount can be too high. What happens if you are unable to pay? Is it possible to pay without cash? 

Bail Bonds Are the Answer

A bail bond will get you out of jail quickly, without needing to pay for the total bail amount with your cash. In essence, a bail bond is an agreement between the court and the defendant and a way to guarantee that they will appear in court at a later date. As we mentioned, the sum needed for bail is set by the judge and varies from case to case. 

In the majority of cases, the bail bond is co-signed by a bail bondsman, who is often part of a bail bond agency. They will provide the necessary money for bail, while you will only pay a small percentage of the total bail amount. This payment will get you a bail bond with them. The bail bond agency is held responsible for your future appearance in court, and the agency does everything they can to make sure you don’t miss your date.

Different Types of Bail Bonds

If a person is not in a position to pay for bail, there are still other options they can try. Staying in jail is always a possibility. But we will assume that no one wants that. There are three types of bonds that can serve as a replacement for cash bail. 

Own Recognizance Bond

Own recognizance or OR bond is a type of bond that the court will allow if you are not a threat to the community, and if there are no reasons for you to try and flee. Furthermore, after the judge has reviewed the case, they might determine that the crime is not severe enough to order jail time. So, you will be able to await the court date at home. 

Signature Bond

The second type is the signature bond, and it is rather similar to OR bonds. If the crime is not serious and the person does not appear to be a flight risk, you can apply for a signature bond. That means that the signature will act as a guarantee that the defendant will follow the rules and appear in court. If they fail to do that, they will get a financial penalty. 

Personal Recognizance Bond

Finally, we have a PR bond, which is for people with minimal criminal history. You can qualify for this bond if the charges you are currently arrested for are not for a violent case. Also, you might need to attend classes — sometimes even go to therapy — but as long as you follow the stipulations of the bond and are present for court dates, you will remain out of jail. 

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