How to Post Bail While Social Distancing

With the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to socially distance yourself so you and your loved ones can stay safe from the spread of the virus. If you need to post bail for a loved one, here are a few ways you can do it without the unnecessary risk of exposing yourself or your loved ones to the virus.


One of the simplest ways to post bail for your loved one is over the phone. With one phone call you’ll be able to give identifying information about your loved one, find out where they’re being held, and even make card payments over the phone. If you choose to make a card payment, the invoice will either be sent in an email or direct mail. Get through the entire bail process in one phone call so you can pick your loved one up and take them home as soon as possible without breaking social distancing guidelines.


Email might be the quickest way to post bail for your loved one without violating social distancing. One you’ve contacted the bail bond agency, you’ll receive an email with all the forms you need to sign. You can then print these out, sign them, and either scan them or take direct photos and send them back to the agency. You can fill out these forms electronically, but they need to either be signed with a pen or PDF signature, or else it won’t be accepted. You’ll also be sent a payment form to fill out so you can know you’re being charged the right amount.


If you want a more secure way to send your payment information to your agency without putting it in an email or phone call, you can directly fax this information to them instead. If you own or have access to a fax machine, you can simply fill out the forms and fax them over without having to scan them. Just get in contact with an agency, have the paperwork mailed over to you, fill it out and fax it. Once you’ve finished faxing, you could still have to wait several hours for the release of your loved one. We’ll send you periodic updates after bail has been posted to keep you in the know.


If you don’t have enough money with debit and credit, or if you don’t want your payment to end up on your bank statement, you might have to rely on cash to bail your loved one out. Luckily you can still fill out the needed information over the phone or in an email, and then drive directly to the agency to exchange the money curbside. 

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