How to Use Credit to Your Advantage With a Bail Bond

If you’ve ever had to spend the night in jail or know someone who’s been arrested, you know that dealing with the legal system—in jail, no less—can evoke feelings of loss and hopelessness. This is especially true when the judge sets a high bail bond that’s seemingly impossible to simply dish out cash for, much less on the spot. Moreover, Being in Houston, those bail bond amounts are no easy feat; Harris County judges are known for setting high bail bonds.

What many detainees in Harris County Jails often forget, is that you don’t have to pay cash upfront to get out of jail. In fact, you don’t even have to pay in cash at all. While many bail bond companies do accept credit cards as a form of payment, credit checks are tight due to the nature of the bail bond business being considered “high risk.” The good news is you can bypass these obstacles when getting a bail bond by utilizing these two methods:

  • Western Union
  • A cosigner

While these aren’t the most conventional methods—much less when someone’s mid-getting-arrested—they’re extremely effective when you’re low in cash or on a tight budget. ABC Bail Bonds of Houston makes it easy to obtain a bail bond and get someone out of jail, and believes no one should be in jail for a second longer than necessary.

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Western Union

What’s interesting about the Western Union is that they primarily operated on exchanging telegrams. In fact, most of its existence consisted of just that; their telegraph operations ran from the mid 1800s up until 2006. Now, they are a multi-billion dollar company that makes exchanging money easy and hassle-free. Simply Google Western Union and find how you can use your credit card to send money over the phone, online, or in person at the office nearest you.

When you use your credit card to send money via the Western Union, ABC Bail Bonds will receive it and begin the process immediately. They don’t waste any time when someone’s in jail or detained, and hustle as quickly as possible to free any detained person. More so, if that option isn’t something you can do, there’s one more that’s just as helpful.

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A Cosigner

ABC Bail Bonds is unlike most bail bond companies Houston for a number of reasons (click here if you want to learn more), and being able to use a cosigner is one of them. If you aren’t quite ready to make a financial commitment but know someone with a particularly credit history, that will almost always guarantee the bail bond you need.

Whether it’s a friend, parent, family member or colleague, racking down the list of anyone you can think of off the top of your head (while breathing, of course) may open up your options and get you closer to getting them out.

ABC Bail Bonds

As far as Harris County’s expensive-arrest reputation goes, it’s ideal to take your time when choosing a bail bond company. Avoid cash-only establishments and make sure you’re being as financially friendly to yourself as possible. If that means utilizing the Western Union or getting someone you know to help you out as a cosigner, ABC Bail Bonds has the experts standing by ready to help with a phone call or office visit today.

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