ABC Bail Bonds In Harris County

When it comes to Houston and Harris County, no other bail bonds company serves its residents like ABC Bail Bonds. They’re a full-service bail bonds company, which means they handle everything from contacting the jail to picking up the inmate—all in a timely manner.

Additionally, they offer free advice and in-person consultations with no appointment required. They’re conveniently located just blocks away from Houston County Jail, along Preston and San Jacinto Street. Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of ABC Bail Bonds are all the amenities they offer Houston residents; not only do they pick up and drop off inmates, but they offer convenient payment plans and even accept cosigners.

Quick And Easy Bail Bonds

ABC Bail Bonds is one of the few, if not the only, bail bonds service in Houston that makes it as easy as possible to bail anyone out of jail, for any reason. No matter how big or small the bail bond is, they make sure to bail an inmate out of jail with no time to waste. To speak with an expert or learn more information on how to get a bail bond today, simply call us or visit our office.

We Can Help, Wherever You Are!

In Houston, bail bonds are not only easy to obtain, but conveniently mobile. An individual is able to post bond from anywhere, have a bondsman meet you at the jail, and even pick up a defendant upon release. ABC Bail Bonds of Houston’s bail bond services have made it easy to get yourself or a loved one out of jail at any time of day or night, as soon as possible, and from anywhere, so no one has to be detained longer than they need to.

Bail bonds businesses post bonds for all types of cases from felony to misdemeanor and traffic violations, and non-arrest bonds; non-arrest bonds can be an option for individuals with active warrants to help them avoid time in jail. Weekly check-ins via text for customer convenience to avoid weekly travel to and from the office are also offered. Easy and affordable payment plans for a range of bonds is also an option to help make this experience as convenient as possible.

Need Help Learning The Process?

If clients have a warrant out for their arrest, ABC Bail Bonds can help them determine if non-arrest bail bonding is an option in their case. This option allows the individual to post bond without being arrested and avoid any time in jail. We offer low-interest rates and fast service. Credit cards are accepted, and ABC Bail Bonds performs free warrant checks and provides free inmate information to clients and their families.

Let’s Work Together

Call to get a free quote and more information: ABC Bail Bonds of Houston is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is the oldest bonding company in Harris County.

If you or someone you know requires an experienced, friendly, fast, reliable, full-service, bail bonding company, call ABC Bail Bonds at (713) 222-6222 or send us a quick message.