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Recidivism and Rising Rearrest Rates

Government officials and public speakers for privatized U.S. prisons frequently parrot the sentiment that jail time is rehabilitative. Although, the masses that are serving years in poor conditions for low-level crimes would likely just call it punishment. Spending an extended period of time in jail can permanently damage the trajectory of someone’s life. What’s worse? Oftentimes, the sentence isn’t even rehabilitative and actually exposes inmates to more serious offenders and dangerous situations. Typically, the punishments are also disproportionate and based on race, gender, and socio-economic class, further enforcing the prison industrial complex (PIC). 

What is Recidivism?

Recidivism is a fundamental concept in the criminal justice system. It refers to the likelihood of an incarcerated individual being rearrested at some point in the three years following their arrest. 

What Causes Recidivism?

There are numerous factors that lead to increased rates of recidivism. They range from social stigma, struggles reintegrating into society, peer pressure, overcrowding, and more. Of course, each individual reacts differently to incarceration. Genetic predispositions and certain environmental factors may lead to different rates of Recidivism. Regardless, studies show that the longer an individual is incarcerated, the more likely they are to be rearrested in the first three years following their release.  


The stigma surrounding imprisonment is one key factor that leads to Recidivism. Upon release from jail, previously incarcerated individuals may experience job loss, struggle to find gainful employment, stable housing, and more. They’re also more likely to be targeted by police officers. These frustrations and uncertainties oftentimes lead people to return to crime as a means of caring for themselves and their families. Then, they inadvertently are rearrested. 

Overcrowding and under classification

Many correctional facilities don’t differentiate between crime, age, or severity. Long-term inmates and serious offenders often have an influence on young and non-violent offenders. After a short period of time, they pick up bad habits and learn criminal practices. If these people are rearrested in the future, it’s likely that it will be on a more severe charge. 

How can a bail bond company help prevent this?

Believe it or not, a bail bond company can actually help you avoid jail time. At Houston Bail Bonds we’re friendly, flexible, and reliable. You can depend on us to bond you out of jail fast. If you can’t pay the full amount of your bail, you could spend up to 90 days in jail waiting for your indictment in the state of Texas. This is time you simply don’t have to waste. 90 days is a lot of time that you could be using to hire a lawyer, investigate, collect evidence, and craft an ironclad defense to keep you out of jail. We want to make sure you get that chance, which is why for only 10% of your bail amount we’ll bond you out, so you can start preparations. 

Houston Bail Bonds

The bondsmen at ABC Bail Bonds are on your side! As you can see, jail time for any amount of time can be detrimental to the trajectory of your life. We want to ensure a quick bail release so you can be free and spend time with your family and friends. Because we’re rooting for you, we also want to guarantee you have enough time to gather evidence and formulate a defense, so you can avoid doing any serious jail time. Recidivism rates are high and jail conditions leave much to be desired– so make sure you’re doing everything in your power to stay out of lock-up! Contact ABC Bail Bonds today to secure a bail bond.

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