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Facing arrest is one of the scariest things you might deal with in this lifetime. Imagine being stuck behind bars for months and months, and not being able to see your loved ones. It’s a very unpleasant circumstance, but we are here to help you get out of it. ABC Bail Bonds is one of the best bail bond providers in Houston. We help people get out of jail fast. There’s no reason to wait inside a cell for your trial, when you qualify for bail. Our bondsmen will ensure you a speedy release because we know the ins and outs of the justice system. The crime that you are convicted of doesn’t matter, we have your back. If you started off the year on the wrong side of the law, we will get you back on track.

What Is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a golden ticket out of jail. If a judge grants you bail at the arraignment, the amount is usually set very high. Most people can’t afford to pay the amount upfront, especially because it has to be in cash. But what then? If you can’t afford it, are you stuck in jail? That doesn’t have to be the case. That’s what a bail bond company is here for. We provide bail bonds as another method of paying for your bail. All you have to do is pay us a small percentage of the bail amount, and we provide you a bond. Our bondsmen take care of the rest of the payment.

When we provide you a bail bond, we are held accountable for your actions. So, we provide you a bail bond and we expect you to show up to all the court hearings and trials, and do everything that is legally expected of you. Our bondsmen send regular reminders to keep you informed about upcoming court dates. If you are present for all of them and stay out of legal trouble, you will not owe any more money. However, if you miss your trial or court date, you will be sent back to jail and will have to pay the entire bail amount plus fees. 

Do You Qualify for Bail?

There are a number of factors that affect your ability to qualify for bail. Some of these main factors are the severity of the crime you are convicted for, your past criminal record, and your flight risk. People that commit misdemeanors are usually granted bail, while people that commit felonies have a harder time qualifying. If they do, the amount is set very high. If you had a clean criminal record until now, you are more likely to be given a chance to leave jail until trial. Being involved in the community also helps you out when you are on the wrong side of the law. If you have a job or are in school, you are less likely to run away when released. You have commitments to uphold, and are therefore less of a flight risk. 

ABC Bail Bonds Will Get You Back on Track

There’s no reason to face this all on your own. The bail process can be very confusing, which is why ABC Bail Bonds will be with you every step of the way. Let’s get you off the wrong side of the law, and reunite you with family and friends. Use your freedom wisely and find a lawyer that will build you a strong defense team for trial. If you have any other questions or need a bail bond asap, please give us a call!

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