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The Process Of Posting Bail Using Houston Bail Bonds

Getting help from Houston bail bonds is often the quickest and most efficient way to secure your release from jail while awaiting trial. By working with a Houston bail bond company such as ABC Bail Bonds, you only need to pay a small percentage of the total bond amount, rather than the full amount, which can be quite substantial. A bail bond company will also handle all the paperwork and dealings with the court, taking the stress and hassle off of you. 

Moreover, if you miss a court appearance, the bail bond company will take steps to locate you and ensure your return to court, saving you from additional legal trouble. Bail bonds provide a practical solution for obtaining your freedom, they save you money, and offers you peace of mind, making it always a good idea to get a bail bond when trying to get out of jail.

Here is how the Houston bail bonds process works and how it can be a saving grace when you have been arrested.

Determining The Bail Amount

A judge sets the amount of bail required for the defendant to be released from jail. The amount is based on factors such as the severity of the crime, the defendant’s criminal history, and the likelihood of flight. Once these factors are considered, the judge will set the amount of bail. After this, you can reach out to a bail bond company such as ABC Bail Bonds to post bail and get out of jail. 

Securing A Bail Bond

A bail bond is a written agreement between the defendant or a co-signer and a bail bond company. The defendant or co-signer pays a non-refundable fee, usually 10% of the bail amount, to the bail bond company in exchange for the company’s promise to pay the full bail amount if the defendant fails to appear in court. Bail bondsmen will go to great lengths to ensure you make it to your court appearances because it is their money at stake. If you don’t want an angry bail bondsman or a bounty hunter coming after you, make sure to always appear at your scheduled court appearances.  

Posting The Bail Bond

The bail bond company posts the bail bond with the court, and the defendant is then released from jail. When a bail bond company posts a bail bond with the court, it is essentially guaranteeing the full bail amount if the defendant fails to appear for their court dates. The defendant is then released from jail and is free to go home, work, or engage in other activities while awaiting their court appearances. The bail bond company will typically provide the defendant with conditions of their release, such as regular check-ins or restrictions on travel, and will monitor their compliance with these conditions.

Court Appearances

As mentioned above, the defendant is required to attend all scheduled court appearances. If they fail to do so, the bail bond company will take steps to locate them and bring them back to court. These steps can include sending a bounty hunter after you, and if you miss a court appearance a bench warrant for your arrest will be issued. When you get help from Houston bail bonds, you will benefit from their reminders of your scheduled court appearances. 

Resolution Of The Case 

If the defendant appears for all court dates and the case is resolved, the bail bond is exonerated, and the bond money is returned to the bail bond company or to the person who posted the bond, less the non-refundable fee. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bond company may be responsible for the full bail amount.

Call ABC Bail Bonds

Houston bail bonds allow defendants to secure their release from jail while awaiting trial, with the help of a bail bond company, by paying a non-refundable fee and ensuring their attendance at all court appearances. If you are in need of help getting out of jail, we can make the process easy and affordable with Houston bail bonds. Call us at (713) 222-6222 or contact us anytime.

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