Top Four Texas Prisoner Advocacy Organizations

Prisons in Texas have a bad rap all over the United States. If someone you know is incarcerated in Texas, you should consider utilizing a prisoner rights organization. There are many organizations that work on improving the conditions inside prisons and jails. They do this by trying to get a Texas criminal justice reform. We’ve researched many prisoner advocacy organizations and found four that are particularly adept at assisting those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. These organizations are:

  • Texas Advocates for Justice
  • Texas Criminal Justice Coalition
  • Texas Jail Project
  • Prison Justice League

Texas Advocates for Justice 

This prisoner advocacy organization works to end the criminalization of Texas families and communities by “demolishing racism in the criminal justice system.” They help former inmates re-enter society once they complete their prison sentence.

The TAJ has organized several public gatherings in Austin. They demand that people who are affected by incarceration and deportation policies get included in the decision-making when those policies are written and enacted. They’ve also worked on changing the bail system and removing fines and fees for people who cannot afford them.

Texas Criminal Justice Coalition

The TCJC devotes itself to ending mass incarceration and creating safer communities in Texas. With over 20 years under their belts, TCJC members provide extensive research and legislative work to see how we can transform our criminal justice system, so that the number of Texas inmates goes to a minimum.

For instance, in 2018, they supported the bail reform which would take into account a defendant’s financial ability to post bail. The same year they worked with the Texas Organizing Project on seeking support from District Attorney candidates for criminal justice system reform. The platform they worked on focuses on ending mass incarceration and the death penalty, as well as limiting police violence.

Additionally, they hold “Know Your Rights” trainings to pass knowledge to families and communities before they get any jail time. Trainings focus on justice system involvement and police encounters.

Texas Jail Project

The TJP works directly with inmates, trying to provide them with a medium through which they can express themselves. The TJP is trying to make way for all inmates to receive humane treatment and health care. And it prioritizes those who suffer from mental illnesses. According to their research, there are around 65,000 imprisoned people in Texas on any given day. 

Apart from working with Texas inmates, families of theirs are also in ties with the organization. Members of the TJP provide information to people whose loved ones endure poor care and neglect.

Prison Justice League

Finally, we have the Prison Justice League. Their main focus is ending sexual abuse inside prisons. The prisoner advocacy organization advocates for the State of Texas to pass laws and policies that will make prisons a safer place. The PJL had a huge part to play in the passing of the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

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