What not to do After You’ve Been Bailed Out

Depending on your circumstances, bail might be the only way for you to get back to your important obligations. Things like work, school, and family matters don’t stop when you’re arrested, so it’s best to take advantage of your bail opportunity so you can return to your life. However, being released on bail comes with some terms you can’t ignore. Misbehaving when you’ve been granted bail is a great way to lose the trust of your judge and the court, so be sure to toe the line and avoid doing these things if you’re out on bail.

Skip Out on Court Dates

When you post bail, either privately or with the help of a bail bond agency, you’re making a commitment to show up to all your scheduled court dates. In exchange for money, the court agrees to let you await your trial outside of jail. If you skip any of your court dates, you’re likely to face some serious legal consequences. You also immediately lose your bail payment if you miss a court date, which could be financially devastating for you and your family. Attending all your court dates is the best way to maintain the trust of your legal team and judge, as well as save your wallet from an unnecessary loss.

Break Bail Terms

When you get released on bail, you’ll probably have a set of terms imposed on you by the court, a co-signer, or both. These terms are usually for your health and safety while you’re out on bail, but some court-imposed restrictions are also to prevent you from fleeing the country before your trial. The terms of your bail will usually depend on the kind of crime you’ve been accused of, as well as your past criminal record. For example, someone with repeat DWI offenses might have to attend a treatment program or have their vehicle fitted with an ignition-interlock device to prevent drunk driving.

Out-of-State Travel (Without Permission)

Traveling within your state is usually fine as long as you have written permission from the court, and it’s possible to leave the state as long as you have court permission for specific circumstances. Out-of-state travel can be restricted or prohibited if the court has reason to believe you’re a flight risk. For example, you’re more likely to lose out-of-state travel privileges if you’ve skipped court dates or tried to evade the legal system in the past. If you don’t have explicit permission from the court, don’t travel out of state. This could end up causing more problems than it’s worth, and you could lose your bail privileges if you’re caught.

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