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What To Use As Bail Bond Collateral

Collateral is often used in situations where security is required for the party that takes on any liability to follow through on their end of the bargain. The same principle applies to bail bonds. Although there are several types of bonds, a surety bond is the most standard. Because liability is transferred over to the bail bondsman when they put up bail on their client’s behalf, bail bond collateral is often required to soften the blow in the event that this client was to skip out on their bond.

What Is Bail Bond Collateral?

First and foremost, for an item to be accepted as bail bond collateral, it must have value. The median bail amount for a felony in the United states is $10,000, and since collateral must be equivalent to that amount, high value items are required. As the collateral acts as an assurance that the defendant will appear in court, it must be something that would be significant if it were lost. It is important to know that items that you offer up as bail bond collateral are only forfeited if you fail to show up to court. When you show up in court, the collateral is returned.

Will I Need Bail Bond Collateral?

You will almost always need to provide some sort of collateral if you plan to post your bail through a bail bondsman. The other two options of paying the bail in cash out of your own pocket and not paying anything and going to jail do not require any collateral.

Common Types Of Bail Bond Collateral

Real Estate

The most common form of bail bond collateral is real estate. Because real estate is high value, it makes for excellent security for the bail bondsman that their client will appear in court. For real estate to be accepted as collateral, it must be in good condition and cannot be under mortgage. The good news is that if you are not the outright owner of any land, family or friends can put up their houses for you as collateral.


Another common option for bail bond collateral is a vehicle. Any type of vehicle can be accepted depending on the amount of bail that you owe the bail bondsman and the value of the vehicle.


Although firearms may not be accepted by all bail bondsmen, they are commonly used as collateral. If your house or vehicle’s value is too high to offer up as collateral, firearms are a good substitute.


This includes objects like jewelry or electronics. These items have relatively high value and can be perfect for use as bail bond collateral. Since many people have these items, it can be easier to acquire multiple of them to accurately match the price of your bail. This can help to eliminate matching too much or too little with your collateral.


Aside from physical collateral, investments such as stocks, bonds, and other securities can also be accepted as collateral. 

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