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When Should You Use a Bail Bond Agency?

If you go into custody for a criminal offense, the court will likely set bail for your release. You can pay with cash or opt for a surety bond. You can purchase a bond from a bail bond agency by only paying a small percentage of the bail amount. Bail agents can be helpful in some other ways too.

Exercise Your Legal Rights

The Eighth Amendment protects American citizens from excessive bail. That means that if you qualify for it, you should have options for obtaining the payment. It can’t be an amount that is impossible to pay off. 

When you pay, you’re immediately free to go out and be with your friends and family until your future appearance before the court. If you can’t afford the full bail amount, you’ll still have an option — contact a bail bondsman. The bond agency will guarantee both your return to court and your release from jail.

Professional Help

It’s no secret that the criminal justice system can sometimes confuse even the brightest of us. The thing is, the less contact with the authorities you have, the less you’ll know about court procedures, jail, and how bail works. Luckily, a bail bond agent will explain everything you need to know about your situation. Like lawyers, bail bondsmen are professionals that can help you or someone you care for in the case of an arrest.

Faster Release

If the amount of bail is too much for you, you can, unfortunately, stay in jail for much longer than needed. Such a situation can affect both you and your family deeply. However, if you opt for a bail bond agency and their help, you can claim your get-out-of-jail card in less time. After all, bondsmen are skilled professionals. They’ll speed up the whole process and allow you to prepare your defense from the outside.

Paperwork Trouble

Even the slightest paperwork mistake can result in longer jail time, postponed court hearings, or even rescheduling. Therefore, if you’re not familiar with what you need to sign, it’s best to have a professional by your side. Since they do it every day, bail bondsmen are familiar with all the necessary paperwork. They will help you avoid mistakes and make the entire experience more bearable.

Dubious Finances

Defendants are not always strapped for cash. In some instances, they are ready to pay as soon as the ruling judge sets bail. However, courts can be rather inquisitive about where someone’s finances come from. They might require tax documents and bank statements before they approve the payment. On the other hand, bail bond agencies don’t care for that. They will accept funds on the spot and help you with your release.

Not Sure of Your Friend or Family Member’s Location

If someone you care about is in custody, you’re likely to have problems locating them. However, bail bond agencies can obtain such information for you and let you in on some other details too. Aside from that being their job, they have contacts inside the legal system that can help you prepare your defense strategy. A bondsman will tell you where your loved one is held, what charges they are facing, and if there’s a bail option at all.

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