Why You Shouldn’t Stay In Jail

If a person is convicted of a crime and given a jail sentence, the sentence will be reduced by the number of days that person was detained in jail prior to conviction. (This is called “credit for time served.”) Thus, a suspect who expects to receive a jail sentence may consider saving the cost of a bail bond and in effect begin serving the sentence prior to conviction.

From an economic standpoint, forgoing bail in such a situation may make sense. But in practice it’s usually to a suspect’s benefit to seek pretrial release. One obvious reason is that the suspect may be wrong about receiving a jail sentence upon conviction. Many jails are overcrowded, and people who in the past might have been incarcerated are now allowed to remain free even if they are convicted.

Jail is not a nice place to be

A second reason to bail out is that jail conditions are normally worse for inmates awaiting sentencing than they are for inmates who have already been sentenced. For example, people serving jail sentences have access to exercise facilities and the jail’s law library, and may be given work opportunities and other privileges. Prior to sentencing, these options may not be available.

Series of unfortunate events

Third, defendants who are released prior to trial do not run the danger of making statements to jailers or even other inmates that can be used against them if their cases ultimately go to trial. If you remain in jail to await your hearing, things you say in jail may be used against you. Even if you make an offhand comment to another inmate, they may tell an officer or be called as a witness for the prosecution.

Chance to Clean Up Your Act

Suspects who bail out have a chance to take on constructive activities that may lead a prosecutor or a judge to dismiss or at least reduce the charges against them or lessen their punishment by showing you are cleaning up your life.

Getting sick

Jails are a breeding ground for all sorts of illnesses. These illnesses can spread quickly because of the small cramped spaces. The longer you remain in jail, the more time you are exposed to others in close quarters. There’s also illnesses caused by stress, depression, and anxiety that can impact your health. Stress and anxiety may also lead to insomnia and sleep disorders, and if your sleep cycle is disturbed, your immune system may suffer.

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