3 Common Reasons That You Can Be Denied Bail

When you arrive at your arraignment and receive word that you have been denied bail, it can feel like a sucker punch. Having to stay in jail to await your trial can be a daunting thought. Hopefully by the end of this post, you will have a solid understanding of the reasons that most people are denied bail and what your next steps can be.

Common Reasons You Can Be Denied Bail

Around 4% of offenders convicted of a crime are denied bail, so obviously the odds are very slim. But it can still happen, especially if you are classified as any of the three reasons listed below. Even then, bail denial is unlikely as just increasing the amount of bail usually suffices.

You Are a Repeat Offender 

Your past criminal record plays a major role in determining your bail amount and whether or not you even qualify. If you have an extensive criminal background then your chances of having your bail denied increase. 

You Are a Threat to Society 

If you have committed a particularly heinous crime and are deemed unfit to enter back into society, your bail may be denied on the grounds of protecting the public. A “threat to society” will generally demonstrate a lack of remorse for their crime and may display to the court that they will break the law again if set free.

You Are a Flight Risk 

If you have been designated as a flight risk, then the court believes you have a particularly high chance of fleeing the city/state/country and will deny you any chance to do so. This includes denying you bail or setting it extremely high. 

What To Do If You are Denied Bail

If you are denied bail, the good news is that there are still options open to you. You can request a bail review and have a different magistrate determine whether you qualify for bail. If you are denied once again, you can request a bail hearing. This bail hearing will consist of both a defense and prosecution presenting their cases for why you should or should not be granted bail. 

If you are denied bail yet again, then all you can do at this point is wait for your trial from jail. The best way to ensure that you are granted bail is to continually prove to the court that you are not a threat to society and are not a flight risk. 

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