Morgan’s Point

We’re all familiar with the term “bail,” and have either seen or read about various crimes where the culprit is released from jail via bail, or is arrested with a posted bond amount (which, depending on the nature of the crime, can be quite hefty). But what exactly is bail, and why are most defendants better off utilizing a bail bond? There are a plethora of reasons why, and many of them have to do with ensuring they keep their jobs, kids, homes, and loved ones.

Exploring Morgan’s Point, Texas: A City with Unique Characteristics

Morgan’s Point, Texas is a small suburban city that makes a significant impact. Comprising mostly residential neighborhoods and schools, it has earned recognition from as a great place to live, go to school, work, and raise a family. Situated northeast of Houston, Morgan’s Point shares a police department and jail facilities with its major neighbor, though it maintains its own fire department.

Navigating Arrests in Morgan’s Point: Jail Facilities and Contact Information

The crime rate in Morgan’s Point is lower than the national average, making it a relatively safe city to live; however, it still experiences its fair share of property crime. While theft and burglary rates are lower than the national average, they are notable for a city of its size. Below are the possible jail facilities a Morgan’s Point resident may go to after being arrested.

Harris County Jail: (713) 755-5000

Houston Central Jail: (713) 247-5400

Houston Southeast Jail: (713) 247-5400

Kegans ISF State Jail: (713) 224-6584

Locating Someone in Jail in Morgan’s Point, Texas

If you or someone you know was recently arrested in Morgan’s Point, they are likely currently in Houston. Depending on their crime, they can be in a number of facilities—whether a state, county, or city jail. To find someone in jail arrested in Morgan’s Point, Texas, use the online lookup system provided by Harris County. Additionally, this lookup system allows you to request public criminal records for your own discretion.

Crime in Morgan’s Point

The most common crimes Morgan’s Point residents face arrest for are property crimes: theft and burglary, to be specific. In fact, the burglary rate in Morgan’s Point has increased over the past several years. However, compared to other cities throughout the Houston area, the property crime rate in Morgan’s Point is quite low. On average, an estimate of 1,000 people are arrested for either theft or burglary in Morgan’s Point every year. While that may seem fairly low, it can feel higher when living in a city that small.

Violent crime in Morgan’s Point definitely happens but is not as common as theft or burglary. On average, an estimated 200 reported cases of violent crime happen in Morgan’s Point every year, including robbery and assault.

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