3 Risks of Staying in Jail to Await Your Trial

There are risks to awaiting your trial in jail. If you are in need of bail bond, get in touch with ABC Bail Bonds right away.

When you get arrested, you may have the option to post bail and await your trial at home. However, there is a cost to it. You can either post bail yourself, which means thousands of dollars in cash right upfront. Or, you can team up with a bail bond company like ABC Bail Bonds and only pay a small percentage of the bail amount, while we cover the rest. Your last option is to pay nothing but stay locked up in jail until your trial. If that’s the choice you want to make, here are 3 risks that take place when you await your trial from the jail cell.

Risk Saying Something Incarcerating

If you await your trial in jail, you risk saying things that can be used against you in the trial. For example, you may tell one officer you were in one location and tell another officer a different location. These little details can slip up when you are in jail. They can make a huge impact on the course of the trial. You can’t trust anyone in jail. Therefore, even what you relate to inmates isn’t safe. They can easily tell an officer or be called as a witness for the prosecution. The best thing is to remain silent, but that can get difficult if you are spending weeks or months in jail.

Risk Losing Your Job

When arrested, an employer can fire you if they hear about it. However, if they don’t hear about it, you can go back to work as soon as you are released from jail. With a bail bond, you can get released in just a few hours or days. This won’t impact your work schedule as much or anger your employer. 

However, if you decide to await your trial in the jail cell, it could be weeks or months until you are released. Your employer will have to find someone to replace you. Even though you save money by not paying for bail, you end up losing more money because you lose your job. Not to mention, you will have fewer resources to invest in a great defense team for trial.

Risk a Good Defense Team

Regardless of whether you are in jail or not, you will have an attorney on your side. However, when you are out on bail, you have the freedom and resources to find an attorney that works best for your case. You will need to communicate with your lawyer frequently, which becomes difficult when you are in jail and only have certain visiting hours.

ABC Bail Bonds Is Here for You

Don’t make the entire process more complicated by staying in jail until your trial. Get in touch with our bondsmen at ABC Bail Bonds. With only a small percentage of the bail amount, we will bail you out of jail immediately. From there, you can continue working to pay for a great defense team. If you would like to learn more about the ways we can assist you, give us a call today.

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