3 Things a Judge Considers When Deciding Bail

One of the primary reasons the bail system was established throughout America was to give people a way to continue living their normal lives while waiting for court proceedings to happen and for certain dates and times to arrive as part of the ongoing trial process.

Instead of forcing people to stay confined to a stay jail cell while their case is processed, brought before a judge, and decided in court, bail has been designed as a way to ensure that a person will return at an expected date and time. For many people, the bail system, and the total cost of bail that is determined by a judge can feel confusing or even overwhelming.

To help people in the Houston, TX or Harris County area who may be struggling to make sense of this process, the team here at ABC Bail Bonds has taken the time to explore some of the factors that come into play when a judge decides bail. In most cases, there is a pre-determined amount that will be used as a starting point or guideline based on the nature and severity of a specific offense, but in many situations, the judge may adjust that amount based on several different important factors.

Without the right training and experience, the legal proceedings that take place after a person is arrested can be both confusing and intimidating to many people, but with a little help and patience, the process can start to make sense. The first important thing to remember is that a judge has the power to raise or lower potential bail amounts, and whether or not they do it can depend on a variety of things.

1). The Nature and Circumstances Matter

If an arrest was made following a particularly dangerous or violent even, then the chances that a judge will raise the bail amount even higher are typically fairly good. Some judges are known for following very specific guidelines when determining bail amounts based on different types or categories of crimes. The hard rule of thumb though is that the more severe or harmful a crime, the higher the bail amount will likely be.

2). Evidence is a Big Deal

Even before an actual trial or court date is held for a suspect and their case, a judge may be presented with a summary of evidence and information related to the event. The more information they can look at that might point towards a guilty verdict, the more likely they are to raise the bail amount to try and prevent an individual from fleeing.

Judges are always expected to use their best judgment and common sense when making a decision, so specific bail amounts sometimes need to be decided on a case by case basis in many situations.

3). Behavior and History Play a Part

Everything that can be recorded about an offense probably will be, and most of it will find its way in front of a judge. This includes information about an individual’s behavior, attitude, and even whether or not they have a history of past arrests or other interactions with law enforcement.

This means that being on your best behavior when interacting with officers, while being arrested, and even once you’re waiting in a jail cell is very important. People who are hostile, rude or even just plain emotional can all end up having to pay more in bail simply because they were not able to present themselves appropriately while dealing with various members of the justice system.

Even a person’s behavior during past interactions with officers or other law enforcement agents can be a factor when deciding bail, so it is always important to remember to keep your cool and put your best foot forward no matter how upsetting a situation might be. If a judge can see that you are civil, respectful, and level-headed, then they may be more likely to offer a reduced amount for bail in many situations.

Keep Calm and Contact a Professional

In many situations, even a reduced amount of bail can feel like too much for many people. Instead of struggling to pull together emergency funds that may cost you a great deal in the long run, or feeling trapped in jail because your bail amount is simply too far out of reach, contact our team of professional bail bondsmen at ABC Bail Bonds!

Our years of experience and familiarity with the justice system gives us an incredible advantage when working to get someone released from jail. Best of all though, we can work with you to cover your full bail amount at only a small fraction of the cost.

To find out more about our services, or to get started working with one of our team to get yourself or a person you care about released, don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

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