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5 Common Crimes Committed in Texas


Many people use the terms theft and larceny interchangeably. Regardless of which term you prefer, the act of larceny is a serious crime in the state of Texas. Generally, a prosecutor can only charge you with these crimes if you intentionally take something belonging to another person without their knowledge or permission. The consequences of a theft charge typically depends upon the value of the object, product, or service you allegedly stole. 


Drug offenses make up the majority of arrests in Texas, most of which are possession cases. However, you may receive a drug charge for drug crimes like manufacturing, distribution, and drug abuse. The state of Texas enforces harsh penalties for drug crimes, though they may vary depending upon several factors. Factors that may result in additional penalties include:

  • The class of illicit or controlled drugs. For example, the consequences of possessing meth are more severe than a marijuana possession charge. 
  • Possession of large amounts of drugs.
  • Improper storage. Loose and unlabeled pills will elicit harsher penalties than a labeled bottle of prescription pills would. 
  • Drug Paraphernalia that shows your intent to use the drugs in your possession. 
  • Prior convictions that show a history of drug abuse or violent convictions. 

Aggravated Assault

This crime is an attempt to inflict bodily harm on another person with reckless disregard for the sanctity of human life. The severity of the charges and the resulting penalties increase if you commit the crime with the aid of a weapon. Other factors that may affect your sentencing include the kind of weapon used, the status of the victim, the alleged perpetrator’s intentions, the severity of the injury, and the degree of planning during the commission of the crime. 


This crime is essentially a breaking and entering charge. Burglary applies to individuals who unlawfully enter a home or private property with the express intention of committing a crime. If you don’t meet this criteria, then your initial charge may be reduced to something like unlawful trespassing which may result in a reduced penalty. The severity of this crime largely depends on the circumstances, but those who are charged with burglary still face a felony arrest. 

Motor Vehicle Theft

Auto theft specifically refers to the theft of an automobile, recreational vehicle, or motor home. Crimes under this categorization may include theft, carjacking, and joyriding. Some more uncommon motor vehicle crimes include failure to return a rental vehicle or tampering with a VIN. The lowest penalty for this type of crime is a Class C misdemeanor, but you will likely be charged with a felony.  

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