5 Common Myths About Bail 

ABC Bail Bonds is here to help you debunk some of the common myths about bail.

Getting arrested might be one of the scariest things you will face in your lifetime. To top it off, there are many myths about how bail and bail bonds work, which can make the experience even more overwhelming. ABC Bail Bonds is here to help you sort out the myths from facts and to make the bail process as smooth as possible. 

You Have to Pay in Cash

In order to be released from jail, you need to pay the bail amount. However, a common myth is that you need to pay it in cash only. If this was true, only the rich would be able to afford it. Well, we have some great news for you. You do not need to pay the amount in cash. That’s what companies like ABC Bail Bonds is here to do. We’ll supply you with a bail bond to get you out.

You Have to Pay Full Bail Amount

Bail amounts are usually set pretty high. In fact, the median range is $10,000. Not many people have this money lying around or are able to pay upfront. You might have heard that you need to pay it all at once in order to be released on bail. This is not completely true. If you want to opt for paying the entire amount in cash, then you will need to pay it all upfront. However, if you decide to team up with a bail bond company, you only need to pay a small premium, which is usually 10% to 20%. From there, the company will cover the rest. ABC Bail Bonds also offers payment plans, so there’s no need to worry about being unable to afford bail.

Bondsmen Can Negotiate Bail Amounts

A bondsman is unable to negotiate a lower bail on your behalf. That is something that you and the court will have to sort out. Once you have been granted bail and given the amount, then our bondsmen will be able to grant you a speedy release by covering the majority of the amount for you.

You Get All Your Money Back If Proven Innocent

As we mentioned earlier, when you are working with a bail bond agency, you pay a small percentage of the bail amount, and they cover the rest. If you show up to all the court appearances and abide by the bail rules, the court will return the full amount of the bail back to the agency. However, the agency keeps the fee that you paid to get the bond. Therefore, you won’t owe any money, but you won’t get any back either. 

Bondsmen Are Crooks and Unprofessional

Bondsmen have the stereotype of being unprofessional, unethical, and just wanting to make a quick dollar. However, to work in bail bonds, bondsmen need to undergo background testing, receive a state-issued license, and complete required training. Bondsmen are licensed professionals who do everything with integrity.

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If you or a loved one have recently been arrested, ABC Bail Bonds has your back. Our bondsmen are available 24/7 and ensure a speedy release. As soon as you call, we will be working on your case. Give us a call to learn more about the ways we can assist you throughout the entire bail process.

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