6 of the Most Disturbing Christmas Crimes: Sure to Break Your Holiday Spirit

Christmas is a time full of love and jolly, right? Well, not for everyone. There have been pretty disturbing Christmas crimes throughout time, that are sure to break your holiday spirit. If you have gotten yourself into trouble this holiday season, get in touch with ABC Bail Bonds.

“Stolen” Chocolate

Have you ever taken a picture with Santa Claus at the local mall? Well, you might think twice before you do it again or before you let your child do it. A man dressed as Santa Claus at the Atlantic Mall lost his patience in 2004. He beat up a 74-year-old lady with a 2×4, convinced that she had stolen $100 worth of Hersey’s chocolate from him. Unfortunately, the woman died at the hospital and the man was given a life sentence. Talk about disturbing Christmas crimes!

Unusual Christmas Gift

Kids can sometimes ask for too much for Christmas. Sometimes, parents do the most in order to fulfill their wishes. Sadly, some parents can’t afford these gifts, so they have to go through extreme measures. A man in Sidell, Louisiana, robbed a pet store, took the cash register and a couple of snakes. When the police asked him why he did it, he said it was for his son’s Christmas gift.

The Attack of Frosty the Snowman

Have you ever seen the Frosty the Snowman movie? For many people, that is a favorite classic. However, two teenagers in Ohio didn’t seem to like the icon very much. These two perpetrators violently attacked the 12-foot inflatable with a knife in a resident’s yard. They were caught on videotape and were arrested and fined.

The Case of the Ceramic Squirrel 

One of the most disturbing Christmas crimes happened in 2013. A South Carolina woman stabbed her husband with a ceramic squirrel because he came home without any beer. Stores were closed on Christmas Eve, so the husband was not able to buy any beer. His wife stabbed him in the shoulder and chest, and the woman was charged with domestic violence.

Your Usual Brawl at a Waffle House

It couldn’t be Christmas without your usual Christmas brawl at a Waffle House. In 2017, a man in North Carolina was charged with damage to real property, assault and battery, and possesion of marijuana. This brawl absolutely trashed the Waffle House, and the group of people trying to break up the fight were wearing Santa hats. What a jolly time.

Intruder Decorates Home for Christmas

A 44-year-old burglar broke into a home in Vandalia, Ohio, but didn’t break in to do regular burglary stuff. Instead, he put up Christmas decorations, lit candles, hung a wreath on the garage door, and finally kicked back and watched some TV at full volume. Even though he didn’t mean any harm, he was still intruding and breaking the law.

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