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Bail Bonds: How to Be Home for the Holidays If You Just Got Arrested

If you are in need of a bail bond, we are the team for you.

There is never an ideal time to get arrested, but we can all agree that the holidays are the worst time. This is when you want to spend warm moments with your family and friends and cherish your blessings. Being locked behind bars really ruins the spirit of the holidays and this time can feel extra depressing. But ABC Bail Bonds has some great news for you. If you have recently gotten arrested, but are granted bail, our team can get you out quickly. All you need to do is call and our bondsmen will get working on your case.

How Do You Qualify For Bail?

When you are assigned your cell, you are usually assigned an arraignment date as well. This is when you will meet with the judge and they will let you know if you qualify for bail. There are a couple of factors that determine this. 

Flight Risk

The judge will take a look at your flight risk. If you are an active member of the community, such as you go to school, you have a job, or you are part of an organization, you are less likely to run away when released. You have responsibilities to meet and you can’t just ghost your job or school. Another way to determine if you are a flight risk is by figuring out where your family is located. If they are around the Houston area, odds are you will stay near them. However, if they are located in another country, you have a place to run away to. A judge is more likely to fear that you will skip bail if you are granted it.

Severity of Crime

Another factor that determines your qualification for bail is the severity of your crime. If you committed a misdemeanor, you are more likely to get bail than if you committed a felony such as murder. You pose less of a threat if you committed minor theft than if you assaulted someone. Therefore, the severity of your crime plays a huge factor in your release. The judge may still grant you bail even if you committed a felony, but the bail is set very high. It is almost impossible to pay for it on your own, without the help of a bail bond company.

Past Criminal Record

Your past criminal record is another important factor. This lets the judge know if you have committed a similar crime in the past or gotten in trouble with the law before. If you don’t have a past criminal record, you are more likely to receive bail, for the judge can believe that you won’t repeat the crime again.

These are some of the more important factors the judge will consider before granting you bail. Most people will need the help of a third party to afford the bail amount.

Who Can Grant You a Bail Bond?

Bail bond companies like ABC Bail Bonds are created to help you during these hard times. If you try paying for bail on your own, you need to pay with cash and everything upfront. That can be thousands of dollars in cash that most people don’t have lying around. However, when you work with us, you can secure a bail bond with just a small percentage of the bail amount. Our bondsmen will cover the rest. 

Speedy Releases in Houston, Texas

Get home before the holidays with ABC Bail Bonds. We are available 24/7, any day of the week. Our team works around the clock to grant you a speedy release. Get in touch with us today, and let’s get you home!

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