Bail Bonds: Items You Can Use for Collateral

Sometimes you need to post bail at a moment’s notice. It’s possible that you won’t have sufficient funds to pay the entirety of your bail. At times like these, you can turn to a bond company. If you can’t come up with the 10% fee a bondsman can accept different forms of collateral.


Most people have some form of transportation to get around. Even if it’s just for work. You can use your main vehicle to guarantee temporary release. However, bond agencies know you may need your vehicle for work or to collect information for your case. This is why you are allowed to keep your vehicle during your trial. The defendant just surrenders their title to the bail bond company, and if they skip a hearing then their vehicle will be seized and sold. If they appear at all of their hearings, the title will be returned. 

Nearly any vehicle you have can be accepted as collateral. You can put up an RV, boat, motor home, trailer, camper, ATV, or snowmobile if you aren’t comfortable with using your main mode of transportation. 

There are a few general guidelines your car must meet to be used as collateral for a bail bond:

  • You must own the car and not be making payments
  • The car must be running and in good shape
  • You must have the title, current registration, and insurance
  • The car must be equal to or greater than the amount of the bond
  • Your car must be local

Real Estate

Land or property can be used as collateral. Any building, land, natural resources, or livestock can be used to secure a bail bond. You don’t have to sell your home to get a bail bond, but the real estate should be unencumbered and not have a lien on it. Anything you still owe payments on isn’t good collateral, because it would make it more difficult to sell.  


You can use jewelry as long as its value is high enough to cover the bond. The jewelry needs to be professionally appraised to determine its value. The value of precious metals fluctuates, so it’s important to have a jeweler give you an estimate. Many people think you need a huge wedding ring or a collection of jewels to use this method of collateral. However, depending on the current market and the materials your jewelry is made of you could also use a class or championship ring. Gold, diamonds, and luxury watches are most often accepted as collateral. If your jewelry is accepted, the bail agent will keep the jewelry in a safe, and if you appear to all of your court dates it will be returned. 

Investments or Savings

If you own a business, have shares of stock, or a savings account you can use it as collateral. You can use different types of investments including certificates of deposit, stocks, and bonds. However, you should be aware that any investments or accounts will be off-limits until the trial concludes. This option is commonly accepted by bond agencies because your accounts are easy to liquidate. 

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