Can Defendants Travel While Bonded Out?

Most defendants would prefer to stay home with their families and work on their defense while out on bail, but the truth is life doesn’t stop after you’re arrested. You might have plans to travel for work or family obligations before your trial, and being out on bail can complicate your travels. Here’s everything you need to know about traveling while bonded out. If you get arrested, or if you have any questions about traveling on bail, call ABC Bail Bonds Today.

The Stigma Against Traveling on Bail 

Most bail bondsmen will heavily recommend their clients stay home while out on bail. This is because defendants who travel might try to flee the country, which will cost the bondsman lots of money and can reflect poorly on them in the future. If you can reschedule your travels, we strongly recommend doing so. However, some plans just can’t be changed. If you need to travel on bail, make sure you’re legally able to do so. You should also keep in touch with your bondsman during this time so they know you’re not intending to flee. 

Speak With Your Bail Bondsman

Before you get in your car or on a plane, consult with your bondsman about your trip. Tell them exactly how long you’ll be gone, why you’re going, and what you’re planning to do. Your bondsman might be opposed to the idea, but you’ll most likely be able to travel if you need to. Your bondsman will remind you to adhere to the terms of your bail, and you might be asked to call or text them every day with an update. This is a measure used to hold defendants accountable while they’re travelling, and it might give your bondsman some peace of mind. 

Don’t Travel on A Federal Bond

There are two circumstances where defendants are usually limited from travelling. The first is if the defendant is accused of a federal crime. Most federal bonds restrict defendants to a specific area, and they won’t be able to travel outside of that area unless they put in a request for an exemption. This request will have to go through your attorney or a federal bail bondsman, and there’s no guarantee it will be granted in time. 

If a defendant has missed court dates or skipped on bail in the past, or if they’ve been deemed a flight risk, the judge will usually require them to hand over their passport and to stay in the state before granting them bail. 

If neither of these apply to you, it’s likely that you’ll be able to travel out of state as long as you communicate with your bondsman and follow the terms of your bail.

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