Can I Get A Bail Bond if I’ve Been Laid Off?

The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to thousands of people across the country unexpectedly losing their jobs, and the increased demand for unemployment and food stamps means too many people are going without the money they need. Being laid off or financially unstable doesn’t mean you can’t get out on bail. At ABC Bail Bonds, we do everything we can to get arrestees out of jail, even if they’re having problems with money. Here’s what we can do for you if you don’t have the money to pay your bail. If you find yourself in trouble with the law, call ABC Bail Bonds right away, We’ll get you out of jail fast so you can get back to your life after an arrest.

Payment Plans

At ABC Bail Bonds, we understand our clients might have limited funds, and might not be able to pay their entire bail at once. That’s why we offer payment plans to our clients. If you’re struggling with money, let us know immediately. We’ll work with you to make a payment plan based on your income. Our top priority is getting you out of jail, which is why we’re willing to put you on a payment plan if you’re facing financial hardship. Staying in jail could cause you to miss out on work, school, bills, and time with your loved ones. You deserve the option to get out on bail, no matter your financial situation.


Another option for people who can’t pay is to put up collateral. We typically require an arrestee to put up collateral worth at least 10% of their bail if they’re unemployed and can’t pay. The items you offer as collateral will be appraised on their value rather than the price you paid. Collateral generally has to be an item you own or have significant equity in. If you’re still making payments on an item, it can’t be used as collateral.  We’ll keep your collateral safe and secure during the bail process, and your collateral will be returned to you as long as you hold up your end of our agreement.

What Can I Put Up as Collateral?

Anything you own, as long as you aren’t still making payments on it, can be used as collateral if it has enough value. Arrestees will typically put real estate, vehicles, stocks and bonds, electronics, or valuables like jewelry up as collateral. At ABC Bail Bonds, we take care of anything you use as collateral while it’s in our possession, and it will be returned to you as soon as you hold up your end of the agreement we make.

Get Out of Jail Fast with ABC Bail Bonds

If you’ve been arrested and are facing jail time, ABC Bail Bonds can help. Our experienced bail bondsmen will do everything they can to get you out of jail so you don’t have to miss out on work, school, important bills, or time with your family. If you can’t afford your bail, we’ll work with you to agree on a payment plan or help you put up collateral. Call ABC Bail Bonds today to see how we can help you. 

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