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“Cops Can’t Lie” and Other Myths About Police Officers

In a media filled world, it can be easy to get fact and fiction confused. Film and television have created some pretty crazy ideas in our heads about police officers and how law enforcement works. Although there are lots of innerworkings to the system, there are some things that are very simply untrue. Believing these tall tales could lead to you making an assumption about your rights or the processes that is inaccurate. We are going to debunk some popular myths about police officers, that way you can have a more realistic understanding of the justice system. If you or a loved one made a mistake in judgement and ended up in a Harris County jail, trust ABC Bail Bonds to get you out.

Police Officers Cannot Lie

False. Police officers are allowed to lie, and they frequently do. Take a sting operation or undercover cop for example. The police officers are placed in illegal situations to make observations and collect data. There is no “rule” that they have to disclose who they are, as that would defeat the purpose. Even if an undercover officer is found out, they are still expected to maintain their cover.

The bottom line is that police officers have the goal of getting the truth, no matter what has to be said/done to get it. If an officer must hide who they are or make a promise to get their answers, that is exactly what they will do. They have zero obligation to be honest. Entrapment is only an issue if the officer coaxed someone into an illegal act they were not already planning on doing.

You Do Not Have To Talk to Officers

False, until you express otherwise. Many people assume that staying silent will stop police officers from interrogating them. Although we do all have the right to remain silent, unless it is stated explicitly to an officer and officially recorded, you are simply being difficult. If you do not want to talk, you must state this and specify that you want an attorney present. Houston arrestees have ABC Bail Bonds to get them out of jail and away from questioning.

Can’t Be At Fault If You Didn’t Act

False. Sure, you did not technically do anything illegal, but having the intent to do an illegal act can still lead to arrest and prosecution. Whether or not you went through, making plans, spending money or showing up to a location shows that you had real intentions. Planning on committing a crime is a crime.

ABC Bail Bonds: Honest Help for Houston Offenders

Despite what you have heard, there are many things about police officers that are untrue. To save yourself from making a mistake, be honest and open about your intentions, and do not put all of your faith into a promise. Police officers are meant to stop and solve crimes, regardless of who you are or what you think. Harris County residents can trust ABC Bail Bonds to get them out of jail when they have a less than smooth interaction with an officer. Call (713) 222-6222 or visit our website to learn about the different types of cases we will help with. We know things can be confusing, let us take care of it.

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