Haitian Migrants Are Seeking Refuge in Texas

Stay updated on the latest regarding the mass Haitian immigration to the United States and learn more about Houston immigration bonds.

Many major news outlets are currently covering the mass Haitian immigration to the United States. Thousands of Haitians are camping out under a bridge on the Texas-Mexico border after entering the country through the Rio Grande. These people are currently living in abysmal conditions in the remote town of Del Rio. Many Haitians are embarking on a mass exodus from Haiti to escape political unrest, natural disasters, and economic strife. Now, thousands of them are seeking a better life in the United States. 

The latest humanitarian crisis snagged the attention of governmental officials at the White House when photos of Border Patrol agents wrangling refugees on horseback while slinging their reigns about started circulating on the internet. This led to a massive outcry about the treatment of these migrants. It also shed more light on the government as they work out a plan to either settle or deport the hopeful refugees.  

Mass Deportations & Asylum in the United States

Due to the huge influx of migrants coming to the United States, many are being shackled and sent back to Haiti, a country many haven’t called home in years. One U.S. official has said there will be daily deportation flights as they work to clear out the makeshift camp. 

However, while many are being forced out of the country, large numbers of refugees are being temporarily allowed into the U.S. They may even be allowed to apply for asylum, but their future here is far from certain. The United States’ current laws protect people escaping political persecution, but may not protect those escaping poverty and dangerous living conditions.  

For now, those who are being allowed to enter the company are being warned that they will need to appear at an immigration office within 60 days. The government hasn’t released the criteria that determining who will be going home home and who can stay. Still, many are speculating that vulnerable demographics like people who are sick or pregnant and children are more likely to be permitted inside the U.S.

Immigration Bonds in Houston, Texas

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is rounding up thousands of immigrants, but ABC Bail Bonds is here to write immigration bonds and help them out of a difficult spot. Our knowledgeable staff of immigration bondsmen can help issue a delivery bond or voluntary departure bond. 

A delivery bond ensures that an immigrant will be present at all of their court hearings, whereas a voluntary departure bond is a statement asserting that a detainee will leave the country voluntarily and pay for their own expenses. 

It appears that many Haitian people are being released at the moment without bond, but they must appear before immigration within 60 days. If that’s you and you fail to meet that requirement and are caught by ICE, don’t hesitate to contact ABC Bail Bonds in Houston, Texas. The same goes for anyone struggling with their status in the United States. Give us a call and ask how we can support you through this process!

How to Get an Immigration Bond

Contact ABC bail bonds right away if you or a loved one needs an immigration bond. Once Immigration and Customs Enforcement sets your bail, we can post your bond fast for a 20% fee. Our staff are compassionate and will never pass judgment on your situation. 

So, if you have a clean criminal record, a permanent address, and were not caught on the border while entering the country, Houston bail bonds can work with you to ensure a speedy release from customs. Unfortunately, if you don’t fit those criteria we empathize with your situation, but current United States regulations prevent us from assisting you in your pursuit to stay in the country. 

If you do fit those criteria, we hope that you’ll entrust us with the important job of getting a same-day immigration bond for yourself or a loved one because our passion is always helping others and reuniting families. Our multi-lingual bail bondsmen are available to assist you 24/7. Contact us with any questions. One of our staff members will sit down with you and go over everything until you feel confident enough to take the next step in the process. 

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