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Harris County is Expanding COVID-19 Testing Inside Jails

Everyone is doing the best they can to slow the spread of COVID-19 by following the CDC’s safety guidelines. Self-quarantining at home, avoiding large gatherings, improved sanitation and using protective gear like masks and gloves are all important, but inmates in jails can’t do any of these things, which has caused the virus to spread faster in jails than it does among the general population. Despite this, many counties have declined to take the necessary steps in keeping inmates safe, putting hundreds, or even thousands, of inmates at high risk. If you find yourself in trouble with the law, don’t take the risk of staying in jail. Contact ABC Bail Bonds right away so our experienced bail bondsmen can get you out of jail and back to your life. 

Inmate Populations Rise

Even though the CDC advises against more than 10 people being in the same room at once, jails continue to be overpopulated. Inmates are still being kept in close quarters without enough room to socially distance themselves, and there hasn’t been much effort to reduce jail populations by releasing non-violent offenders. In fact, Governor Greg Abbott recently passed an executive order making it impossible for violent offenders to get out on bail unless they can pay the entire bail at once.

COVID-19’s Impact on Jails

Overpopulation isn’t the only problem exacerbating the spread of COVID-19 in jails. Poor sanitation, lack of access to hygiene products like hand sanitizer, and a lack of access to proper healthcare have all contributed to the rapid spread of the virus in jails. This issue doesn’t just impact inmates. Guards, jail staff, and police officers are also at higher risk every time they walk into a jail or interact with inmates.

Expanded Internal Testing Reveals Extent of COVID-19 Spread

COVID-19 testing has finally expanded in Harris County jails, and it’s revealed how much the virus has spread. Right now, jails with any positive COVID-19 tests are being put on lockdown for 14 days, and this period is extended if any new cases pop up. As of right now, 20 jail staff members have tested positive, as well as 3 inmates. 52 inmates are awaiting results in quarantine, and over 1,000 are suspected to have come into contact with the virus. Until more tests are done, we won’t know how wide the virus has spread among jails. If jails continue to ignore the CDC’s guidelines, these numbers will rise and the virus will have severe impacts on inmates and staff. 

Keep Yourself Safe: Get Out of Jail Fast with ABC Bail Bonds

At ABC Bail Bonds, we know everyone makes mistakes, but you shouldn’t have to pay for it before your trial. ABC Bail Bonds is committed to getting inmates out of jail fast, and our services are still available to anyone who needs them. Jails are one of the worst places to be during this pandemic, so keep yourself and your family safe when you hire ABC Bail Bonds. If you can’t pay your bail, let us know immediately so we can work on a payment plan. Get back to your home and your life: speak with one of our experienced bail bondsmen to see how we can help you. 

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