Have You Been Arrested For a Federal Crime at an Airport?

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Air travel is a popular way to move across the country and across continents. Ever since 9/11, security has cracked down inside the airports. Yet, even with the increased security, some people still try to test the law and their fate. If you committed a federal crime at an airport, you are most likely detained and in need of a bail bond. Well, lucky for you, ABC Bail Bonds is only a call away. In the meantime, let’s take a look at federal crimes that are committed in airports throughout each year.

Assaulting an Airport Worker

People are not always in their best mood when traveling through an airport. Some flights are scheduled very early in the morning and people are cranky, lines can be long and frustrating, and people’s flights may get delayed or canceled. These are all scenarios that can negatively affect people’s moods. However, some passengers take it too far. They let their anger get the most of them and assault airline workers for things that are out of their control. Even if the airline workers could do something about it, threatening to hurt someone or actually doing it, it can be charged as a federal crime at an airport. If you have assaulted any flight crew member, flight attendant, or pilot, you have committed a federal crime.

Drug Possession at Airport

Possessing and smuggling drugs can get you in a lot of trouble, especially at the airport. If airport investigators believe that you are smuggling drugs, they will get federal authorities involved. Those cute German Shepherds will not be your friends at the airport. So, to avoid getting charged with federal drug violations, leave the drugs at home or don’t possess them at all.

Concealing a Weapon at Airport

Over 4,200 guns were found during TSA checkpoints in 2018, and 86% of them were loaded.  Although you can travel with firearms, there are strict rules that must be followed. One of those is that the gun must not be loaded. It must be secured and locked in a case in your luggage, and you should notify the airline that you will be bringing one. People have committed a federal crime when they tried bringing their loaded guns to their flight. Other weapons are completely prohibited, such as explosives, knives, and hoax devices.

Disruptive Behavior 

Airline passengers that perform any sort of behavior that prevents the airline crew from performing is called disruptive behavior. This includes things such as verbal threats, assault, physical threats, and intimidation. If this happens when on a closed aircraft, you will be charged with a federal crime.

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