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How Bad Are the Conditions Inside Harris County Jail?

Everyone knows jail is a scary place. No one expects it to be rainbows and sunshine, but the Harris County Jail happens to be exceptionally frightening for its inmates. With a daily average population of about 10,000 detainees, it is no surprise this jail has a reputation for being chaotic and harsh. Don’t spend a second longer than you need to in the Harris County Jail. ABC Bail Bonds can help anyone in Houston pay for their bail bond. We know Houston’s criminal justice system better than anyone and we are always professional, affordable and fast.

Unhealthy and Unsafe Conditions

Prisoners inside the Harris County Jail have accused officers of abuse for several years. As far as physical harm goes, there have been eight cases of inmates reporting corrections officers for choking, punching or kicking them. Some have even reported unprovoked attacks of this manner.

There has also been a long, ugly history of neglect for medical concerns. Inmates claiming mental unwellness frequently report a lack of care, and there have unfortunately been multiple suicides over the years inside the jail. Inmates with chronic illnesses have reported denial of their medications for extended periods of time. Additionally, there have been ever-rising numbers of cases of HIV, diabetes, hepatitis and infections among inmates.

Officers Are Seldom Held Accountable

As mentioned earlier, the Harris County Jail has had many issues with physical abuse and excessive force used by officers. Even inmates who suffer from mental illness have fallen victim to police violence, despite often not realizing they did anything wrong. Unfortunately, there have been many attempts to cover up and ignore these accusations. There is a history in Harris County of inmate testimonies being thrown out in cases against the jail, and officers are often the only ones able to share their side of a story. The use of security cameras has helped this issue a little, though. Instances of abuse have been captured and presented as evidence against corrections officers, but that does not necessarily stop it from happening. Even with the presence of the cameras, many inmates still report abuse outside their field of view.

ABC Bail Bonds: Keeping You Free from the Harris County Jail

No one wants to spend time in jail, but it is often even worse than you could imagine. Those with severe medical conditions are often not taken care of, mental illness is not a concern and excessive force is often used by corrections officers to gain control and show authority. Nobody, no matter their crime, should have to be subjected to this kind of abuse. This is why ABC Bail Bonds is dedicated to helping arrestees in the community. We understand that mistakes happen, and we promise to never judge you and to work fast so you or your loved one does not have to endure such treatment. Call ABC at (713) 222-6222 or visit our website to get in touch with an experienced bail bond agent today. You can trust the best bail bond company in Houston to get you out of the fix you’re in — fast.

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