How Long Can Jails Legally Hold Defendants Pending Trial?

As a defendant, you might be wondering how long the district attorney has to file charges against you while you’re in jail. Do they have to file charges by a certain deadline? If that deadline passes, do they have to release you? Does it depend on the severity of the charges? At ABC Bail Bonds, we believe defendants have the right to know as much as possible about the legal process so they can have the best results in court. To keep you informed on the legal process, we’ve put together a guide to help you determine how long you’ll have to wait, either in jail or out on bail, for your trial.

Statutory Minimums

In Texas, the court must be prepared for your trial in a certain period of time. The time, known as a statutory minimum, depends on the charges you’re facing, and all the statutory minimums are outlined in article 17.151 of the Texas Code of Criminal procedure. 

If you’ve been arrested for a felony-level defense, the court must initiate your trial or release you, either on bail or by reducing your bond, within 90 days of your detainment.

If you’re accused of a Class A misdemeanor, the court has 30 days to prepare and begin your trial. For a class B misdemeanor, the court has 15 days. The court has the least amount of time for class C misdemeanors, and must initiate your trial within 5 days of your arrest.

You Don’t Have to be Released Without Bail

If the court exceeds the statutory minimum and still hasn’t initiated your trial, they’ll be forced to either release you on bail or reduce your bail amount. If you can’t afford to pay your reduced bail, you’ll either have to hire a bail bondsman or stay in jail until your trial begins.

How Bail Bond Agencies Can Help

Fortunately, you don’t have to stay in jail if you can’t afford your reduced bail amount. Defendants can get out of jail at any time after their arrest with the help of bail bond agencies. Bail bond agencies are designed to secure your bail and help you pay it off, even if you can’t afford to. Most bail bond agencies will either make a payment plan or give you the option to put up collateral, which you’ll be able to get back by appearing in court whenever you’re ordered to.

Get Out of Jail Fast With ABC Bail Bonds

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