I Have a Criminal Record. Can I Still Make Bail?

People often ask if they can still make bail with a criminal record. The short answer is yes but this introduces additional factors that can complicate things a little bit. There are several factors that affect your bail, criminal history being one of them. In this post, we will explain how your criminal history can determine whether you are granted bail and if so, how it can impact its amounts. 

Factors That Affect Bail 

Your bail is the amount of money that you must pay to be released from jail. When an individual is arrested, they are taken to a bond hearing or arraignment, and are informed of their charges and whether or not they will be granted bail. 

Because bail is built on a certain level of trust, any past indications of untrustworthiness will affect your bail designation and amount. These factors that will affect your bail include your:

  • Criminal History
  • Severity of Crime
  • Court Appearance History
  • Flight Risk 
  • Danger to the Public 

Each of these factors are weighed by the judge to determine your bail designation and bond amount.  While there are other circumstances that can get your bail revoked after the arraignment, such as court behavior, these are generally the factors that will be used to decide. 

What Does a Criminal Record Do To Your Bail Amount?

A criminal history can absolutely affect your bail amount or even if you will be allowed bail. Many states are different, but in Texas, if you are a repeat offender, your bail amount will be higher. For example, in Houston, the bond amount for a first time offender who has committed a felony DWI is around $10,000. The bond amount for repeat offenders of the same crime is double the original bond amount for every repeated offense. So if someone were to be convicted of a felony DWI for a third time, their bond would be set around $30,000.

Can a Record Disqualify You From Making Bail?

A criminal record can disqualify you from being granted bail but this is usually not the factor that decides it. The factors that most commonly decide whether you are granted bail are your flight risk and severity of the crime for which you are currently being charged with. For example, those who commit capital murders are usually not granted bail and those who are likely to flee from the state or country are often not granted bail. 

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