ICE Raid Aftermath: The Deportation Process Explained

ICE is the biggest danger for undocumented immigrants in the United States, and their methods of targeting and deporting immigrants has been met with protest from US citizens and immigrants alike. Here’s what to expect if you find yourself as the target of an ICE raid in your area.

What is an ICE Raid?

ICE stands for United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Their motto is, “Protecting National Security and Upholding Public Safety”. 

Millions of people live in the United States without documentation and are periodically targeted for deportation. The aim of these raids is deporting parents and children who are not eligible to stay in the country. Unfortunately, this often includes refugees and those who might be in the process of becoming naturalized. The raids are also used to scare citizens of other countries from coming to the US.

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What is the Process?

ICE agents wait outside of the places they are planning to raid waiting for the people they are watching to leave voluntarily. They might wait at public bus stops, train stations, or businesses that have been reported for employing undocumented workers. When the people who are undocumented are arrested, they retain basic rights such as the right to remain silent and to not consent to searches. All immigrants, whether documented or undocumented, have certain rights under the constitution.

They are then taken to a local ICE office for processing. The ICE agent can take several hours to complete the paperwork and find a space in a detention center. They will also see if the individual is eligible for a bail bond and for how much. Not all immigrants qualify for a bail bond. If you have a criminal record, don’t have a permanent address, or are considered a flight risk, you might not be eligible for bail. If you aren’t eligible or can’t pay your bail, you’ll be placed in a detention center to await your trial.

A lawyer can file a motion to reopen the deportation case while a person is being processed. This immediately delays their removal from the country. Lawyers are generally granted a meeting by video chat with a client, but it could take weeks or months before a hearing.

When all of the legal options have been exhausted, or if the immigrant voluntarily agrees to deportation, the process of deporting the immigrant begins. The time it takes to complete the process depends on where your home country is, how accessible your necessary travel papers are, and how safe it is to travel.

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