Next Steps After You’re Released on Bail

After being released on bail, hire an attorney right away. Your attorney will be able to get things for you, such as police reports, lab reports, probable cause statements from the arresting officer, dash and body cam recordings, and any other information that can help you build a case. Your attorney can also inform you and protect your rights.

Aspects of your life will probably change after an arrest. You should follow the proper steps to get your life on track. Posting bail may feel like complete freedom, but there are many steps before you achieve true freedom.

Schedule Court Dates

Once you’re released on bail it’s important to keep track of upcoming court dates. It’s important to stay organized because you may have multiple court dates, and if you miss any you will lose your bail money or be responsible for paying back your bondsman.

If you have “failure to appear” charges added to your arrest, bail could be revoked and you could spend time in jail until your trial completes. 

Contact the Bond Company

The bail bond company is not there to just collect money. The company is also a great resource to help answer any questions you have. For example, you may have questions about the bail and the collateral placed on the bail agreement. Keeping open lines of communication will help ensure you get all the answers you need.

Contact Your Employer

If you are employed you need to check in with them as soon as possible. Be open and honest about the charges, any pending charges, and where the case takes you in the future. The last thing you want is to get arrested and lose your job the same day. By maintaining your job, you will also show the court that you’re contributing to society and are trying to return to a normal life. An arrest does not always mean a conviction, so until the case is settled, your charges might not be held against you at your job. 

Communicate with Your Co-Signer

When your bail is posted through a bail bond company, you must rely on a co-signer to pay the fee required for your bail. This fee is usually about 10% of the bail amount set by a judge. They have an inquiry run on their credit and may have to put up a home or vehicle as collateral. When you are released, you should check in with them to get on the same page. They may want some type of assurance to know you will follow through with everything you need to do following the arrest.

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