Petty Crimes That Have Landed People in Prison for Life

Let's take a look at petty crimes that have cost people life sentences.

When you think of serving a life sentence, you may assume that the crime was violent and severe. However, there have been many petty crimes in the past that have landed people a life sentence. Sadly, a lot of the people charged were from minority groups. It can also be based on chance, which is something you don’t want to risk. Let’s take a look at some petty crimes that have had dire consequences. If you have been charged with a similar crime, get in touch with ABC Bail Bonds immediately. We will grant you a speedy release so you can build your defense team and avoid a life sentence.

Timothy Jackson and the Stolen Jacket

In 1996, Timothy Jackson took a jacket from the Maison Blanche department store in New Orleans. He simply put the jacket over his arm and walked out. Jackson needed a new jacket, but most likely couldn’t afford it. He was arrested and taken to Angola prison in Louisiana. He is still serving his time to this day and will continue to serve his time until his last breath. And do you know how much the jacket was worth? $159. Jackson is just one of 3,281 prisoners in America that are serving a life sentence with no parole for a non-violent crime.

There are quite a bit of petty crimes that were classified under shoplifting and received life sentence charges. One was condemned for life for stealing tools from a tool shed, another for siphoning petrol from a truck, and another for attempting to cash a stolen check. If that’s not crazy enough, these shoplifted items also caused this doom:

  • three belts from a department store
  • Stolen wrenches
  • Digital cameras
  • Two jerseys from an athletic store
  • A TV, circular saw, and power converter from a vacant home

Additional Petty Crimes in the Past Couple Years

A lot of petty crimes that receive life sentences have to deal with drugs. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Having a single crack pipe at home
  • Passing out several grams of LSD at a Grateful Dead show
  • Possessing a crack pipe
  • Having a bottle cap with a trace of heroin 
  • Possessing 32 grams of marijuana with the intent to distribute

As you can see, none of these crimes warranted life sentences, but people were still charged with them. You don’t know what type of judge you will be facing or what your circumstance will be, so it’s best to prepare for court in the best possible manner. ABC Bail Bonds can help you with that. Our bondsmen will get working on your case immediately, so they can grant you a speedy release from jail. From then on, you can seek the best defense team to help you fight in court.

ABC Bail Bonds Has Your Back

If you have been arrested for a petty crime, you don’t have to face the process alone. Our bondsmen know the ins and outs of the justice system, and we can guide you through the entire bail process. No matter what crime you committed, we have your back. Get in touch with us right away, and let’s get your life back on track.

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