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Had Too Much Scary fun and Ended Up in Jail? Speedy Bail Bonds in Houston, Texas

Halloween is near and the demons are out…did you end up in trouble? Were the bad influences around you too much? Did you make a mistake and now you are stuck in a Houston jail? ABC Bail Bonds offers speedy bail bonds all over the Houston area. With all of the Halloween shenanigans taking place right now, it’s easy to make poor choices and break the law. 

After all, Jason did get away with everything. However, you aren’t playing the main villain in a horror movie, so chances are, you won’t have the same grace. Don’t spend too much time in jail before your trial. We provide speedy bail bonds to allow people to await the trial from home.

Halloween Festivities Can Influence Bad Decisions

With Halloween just around the corner, there are dozens of activities to participate in to get your spooky on. Whether that’s haunted houses, Halloween parties, horror movie marathons, or night excursions, the demons are unleashed. When your heart is racing and you are fearing for your life, your first instinct may be to throw hands at a haunted house. If that’s the case, you can be charged with assaulting an actor. At Halloween parties, alcohol and drugs may be present and you could get in trouble for underage drinking, drinking and driving, or distributing drugs. 

Horror movies are just movies, but what if they tempt you to do something crazy? The consequences are real, and you won’t be able to turn off the screen if you get too scared. Night excursions are fun and all until you get caught sneaking off into a cemetery during after-hours.

All of these scenarios can land you in jail, and there’s nothing scarier than seeing the high bail amount you owe in order to get released.

Getting Speedy Bail Bonds in Houston, Texas

Many people can’t afford to pay for bail out of pocket. Bail is usually thousands of dollars and it needs to be paid in full and in cash if you aren’t using a bail bond. That’s where our bondsmen come in. ABC Bail Bonds offers affordable bonds to grant you speedy releases. All you need to do is pay a small percentage of the bail amount, 10%, and we cover the rest. Our team provides the court with the entire bail amount on your account, so you can be released. We assume risk and take responsibility for your appearance on your court date, which is why we send regular reminders to keep you on track.

ABC Bail Bonds Has You Covered in Houston, Texas

If you need speedy bail bonds in Houston, Texas, our bondsmen are only a call away. We keep your information confidential and we work tirelessly around the clock to ensure you are home quickly and safely. You can rely on our services on any day of the year, and at any time. Remember to stay safe this Halloween season, and say no to temptations. But if you end up in trouble, we are an owl or a howl away.

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