The 4 Most Common Conditions of Probation 

Most people will agree that probation is a better alternative to incarceration. The most difficult part of this designation, however, is simply following the conditions of probation. In this post we will explain what exactly probation is and the most common conditions that apply to it so you can know what to expect if you ever find yourself in this situation. 

What is Probation? 

Probation is a court-mandated sanction applied to an individual found guilty of a crime. This sanction allows them to remain in their community without having to go to prison. The option for probation depends on a number of factors including the offender’s past criminal history and the severity of the crime. Conditions can differ on a case by case basis but one requirement is that the individual on probation is under some degree of supervision. 

The Most Common Conditions of Probation 

Aside from the mandatory check-ins with a probation officer, the probationer will usually be ordered to follow another set of conditions. These conditions can be any number of things but here are the most common: 

Paying Restitution 

This condition requires the probationer to pay a certain amount of money to the individual or company for damage that has been caused by the offense for which the defendant has been convicted.

Remaining in the State

This condition requires the probationer to remain in the state of the crime in which they were convicted.

Not Contacting Certain Persons

Another common condition of probation is that the probationer is prohibited from contact with certain persons. This can include any gang affiliations, accomplices, or even victims of the convicted person. 

Completing Alternative Treatment 

Alternative treatment as a condition for probation can be any number of things, such as therapy, rehab, or help groups.

Consequences of Violating the Conditions of Probation

If you violate any of the conditions of your probation, the court may revoke the sanction, requiring you to serve your sentence incarcerated. In addition to your current charges for which you were serving probation in the first place, you may also be subject to additional charges. This can extend your incarceration period, leaving you serving more time in prison than originally sentenced.

As you can see, it is a pretty bad idea to violate the conditions of your probation. Not only are you giving up your freedom, you are also demonstrating to the court that you are not capable of honoring probationary agreements, potentially harming your chances of receiving the sanction again in the future. 

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