The Difference Between Cash Bail and a Surety Bond

If you or a loved one got arrested, you might have received the option for bail. Sometimes, the bail amount is low enough to pay with cash. However, most times bail amounts are set pretty high and are nearly impossible to pay with cash bail. This is when a surety bond comes to the rescue.

How Does Bail Work?

When a person gets arrested, they need to wait for the trial. In some cases, the court will determine that releasing the person is too risky, and they will remain in custody until the trial date. However, there are cases where a court will allow the accused to await the trial outside the jail.

In these cases, the accused will need to pay bail. Bail is an amount of money the court requires so that the defendant can leave the jail. The amount of money will depend on the severity of the crime, criminal history, and other similar factors. Bail is used as surety that the accused person will return for their trial. Once the trial is over, the court will return the money to the defendant.

There are two ways to pay the bail amount — cash or surety bonds.

Cash Bail 

The idea behind cash bail is quite simple. Once the court decides the amount of money needed for the bail, the defendant has to pay it. The most important thing to mention here is that cash bail requires only two parties — the court and the defendant. 

In some cases, cash can be replaced with assets, but the idea behind it is the same. If the defendant does not show in court, the bail will be forfeited. Whether the corrections department accepts cash only or credit cards is up to them. 

What Is a Surety Bond?

Sometimes, the amount of money necessary for the bail can be quite high. It is often increased on purpose, so it is nearly impossible to pay in cash fully by the individual. This is why surety bonds are important. If the defendant can’t pay themselves, they can look for bail bond services.

The bail agent will act on their behalf, and they will pay the sum the court demands. The agent will act as surety, and if the defendant does not appear in court, they can issue an arrest warrant. Furthermore, courts will also allow surety companies to hire bounty hunters to locate the person if they don’t show up.

The rest of the process is the same. If the defendant does not show in court, the bail is forfeited.

What’s the Main Difference?

The main difference between these two types of paying methods lies in the involved parties. For cash bail, there is only the defendant and the court. For the surety bond, there is also a bail bond agent acting as a surety, guaranteeing that the defendant will appear at the trial.

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