Things You Might Not Know About the Bail Bond Industry

At ABC Bail Bonds, we work hard to help every client get out of jail and back to their lives. We know you can’t afford to wait for your trial in jail, which is why we’re dedicated to bailing you out as soon as possible. 

Bail bondsmen help thousands of people get out of jail every day, but our services do much more than that. Here are some things you might now know about the benefits of the bail bond industry.

Bail Bonds Motivate Arrestees to Appear in Court

Arrestees always have the option to pay their own bail without the help of a bondsmen, usually known as an ‘unsecured’ release. Arrestees are approximately 20% less likely to show in court if they get off on an unsecured release, and it usually has to do with family involvement. Arrestees who get off on bail with the help of their families know they have a responsibility to hold their end of the deal, and that motivates them to appear in court. 

Bail Bonds Benefit the Economy

Every industry in the country benefits the economy, and bail bonds are no exception. Bail bond agencies pay premium taxes on every bond they write, and our services reduce the need for officers to chase fugitive defendants. The bail bond industry also employs around 15,000 bail agents, which does a great job to reduce the burden on taxpayers and stimulate the economy. 

The Bail System is Written into the Constitution

The bail system we use today is based on the 8th amendment of the constitution, which states that bail should be used on “sufficient surety” to avoid no-show defendants in court. This clause was added because bail was often being set at excessive amounts, making it nearly impossible for poorer defendants to await their trials at home. Bail bondsmen came into existence to help more defendants get out on bail, including those with excessively high bail. 

Bail Bonds Reduce Jail Overcrowding at No Taxpayer Expense

The bail bond industry reduces overpopulation in jails by making bail more accessible to all inmates, even those who can’t afford their bail. Without the help of bail bond agencies, jails would be extremely overpopulated with defendants who don’t have the money to get out. Bail bond agents help keep jail populations manageable with no taxpayer expense. Not only does this benefit those who have to stay in jail, it also helps defendants get out on bail so they can enjoy their freedom and prepare for their trials.

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