Travel Restrictions While Out On Bail: What Does It Mean?

Because being released on bail is a conditional release, it will usually come with travel restrictions. Travel restrictions while out on bail are issued to ensure that you remain in the area as well as provide some assurance to both the court and the bail bond company that you are not a flight risk. In this post, we will help you understand the common travel restrictions imposed on someone who is out on bail and the consequences that may follow if those restrictions are breached. 

What Does it Mean to Be Out on Bail? 

If you are arrested for a crime, you will go through your arraignment and you may be assigned a certain amount of money that you must pay to be released from jail so you may await your trial from home. Most people can not afford to pay the lump sum up front, so they will ask a bail bond company to put the money up for them. All they must do at this point is pay a percentage of the total bail (usually 10%) to the bail bond company as a fee for their service. 

As long as the offender does not miss their court date, the bail bond company has their money returned to them by the court. If the defendant does miss their court date, then the money is forfeited. That’s why bail bond companies are so adamant about having their clients attend their hearings.

Common Travel Restrictions While Out on Bail

Travel restrictions will depend on the severity of your offense and can range from no travel restrictions to house arrest, but the most common travel restriction is the requirement that the offender remain in the state. For example, someone convicted of a felony will probably have more severe restrictions than someone convicted of a misdemeanor. 

If you do intend to travel while out on bail, it is best to speak with your bail bond company to determine if they will allow it. If they grant you that privilege, then you will probably have to check in with them regularly so you are not considered a flight risk. 

What Happens If I Violate My Travel Restrictions While Out on Bail? 

If you end up violating the terms of your bail by ignoring your travel restrictions, the consequences may be severe. You should expect to have your bail either increased or revoked altogether. If your bail is revoked, then you will have to await your trial from the inside of a jail cell. So it is in your best interest to follow your travel restrictions closely or you risk the chance of losing a considerable amount of money, especially if you were arrested for a felony. 

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