What Are Blue Warrants and What Should I Do if One is Issued?

Anyone dealing with parole or probation has most likely heard of a blue warrant, but not many people actually know what it means. ABC Bail Bonds is dedicated to educating defendants so they can be successful in the legal process, so we’ve put together a guide to everything you need to know about blue warrants, as well as what to do if you incur one. 

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Blue Warrants Explained

When a defendant violates the terms of their probation, the probation office takes action as soon as possible by working with prosecutors of the state of Texas. First, they’ll have to file a Motion to Revoke Probation, which is followed by issuing an arrest warrant. If the offender has violated Texas probation laws, a special warrant will be issued which will revoke their probation. This warrant is known as a Parole Revocation Warrant, or a blue warrant, and anyone arrested on a blue warrant won’t have the possibility of getting bonded out. 

What Happens Next

After your arrest on a blue warrant, the next step is a hearing where the court must provide evidence that you violated the terms of your probation. If they can’t produce the proper evidence, your revocation will be reversed. 

The consequences you’ll face depend on the severity of your conviction and violation, as well as the discretion of the judge. Depending on these factors, you might face anything from extended community service hours to the jail time you owe for your original sentence. If the judge believes you need treatment for substance abuse or mental illness, you might be required to spend a minimum number of hours at treatment facilities or support groups. You could also face fines, house detention, and work release, and your judge will probably warn you about the consequences you’ll face if you violate your probation again.

What You Should Do

When you’re arrested on a blue warrant, always speak with your attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can work with you to determine what you should do next, and they’ll be able to advise you before speaking under oath to a cop or judge. If you’re arrested, get in touch with your attorney as soon as possible and avoid talking to cops or detectives until your lawyer is present.

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