What Happens If You Get Arrested In An Airport?

Getting arrested in an airport can really put a damper on holiday travels. This time of year tends to bring a lot of traveling with it, whether that’s visiting family for the holidays, or taking a vacation with friends. The last thing you want is for those fun plans to get derailed by an arrest. Don’t worry- ABC Bail Bonds is here to walk you through what happens if that does happen in an airport.

Detainment By Officials

Just like any arrest, your experience when it comes to being arrested in an airport will depend on the severity of the crime or warrant. If you are considered a possible danger to the surrounding groups of people, your airport detainment will likely include handcuffs as well as being confined to a secure area of the airport. If you’re in a small town or a secluded terminal of the airport, you might need to wait for proper authorities to show up. Almost all airports have interrogation rooms or detention facilities, which is where you will be held until you are either released or transported to a police station.

Booking By Police

Depending on the severity of the crime in question, your experience after leaving the airport in police custody will be very similar to a normal arrest. However, it’s an important distinction that crimes committed in airports are sometimes escalated due to an airport’s nature of being a hub for travel, especially if it’s an international airport. For instance, while public intoxication or being involved in a fistfight will likely result in the same charges as they would be if you were at a grocery store or gas station, charges such as drug possession might be considered federal offenses.

Why Might You Be Arrested In An Airport?

There are a few reasons someone might be arrested in an airport. Though airports seem like liminal spaces that play by different rules than the outside world, laws and regulations are still heeded in order to preserve safety and order while people are traveling. With such large numbers of people coming and going throughout the day, it’s in your best interest to have security teams with the capability to suppress someone who might cause issues for the other travelers. Actions that might cause such problems can include:

  •  Public intoxication
  • Taking a weapon through airport security
  •  Drug trafficking
  •  Drug possession
  •  Illegal weapons possession
  •  Making a threat or statement that comprises security
  •  Committing violent assault

Because airports exist almost independently, there are other reasons airport security might think it necessary to detain you. To avoid getting arrested in an airport, take care to conduct yourself responsibly and eliminate any possible reasons for an arrest.

Contact ABC Bail Bonds

If you’ve been arrested in an airport this holiday season, call ABC Bail Bonds for a quick and simple release. Don’t waste any of your holiday time in a jail cell! We’ll help you through the processes so you can get on with your travel plans.

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