What Happens If You Miss Your Court Date?

If you miss your court date, it is important to call the court immediately to explain why you missed it and to reschedule your hearing.

Whether it was a genuine accident or you missed your court date on purpose, it’s bad news either way. If you miss your court date there are serious repercussions. The authorities at the court will rarely see any excuse you give as a valid reason to miss your court date. If you miss your court date, it is important to call the court immediately to explain why you missed it and to reschedule your hearing.

You Are At Risk Of Being Arrested

If you miss your court date you are at risk of being arrested. The judge will issue a bench warrant, which is basically a warrant for your arrest. If you were supposed to go to court and you didn’t go, they issue this so that if they run into you, you can be arrested and brought back to court. If you have a bench warrant and you are pulled over by a police officer for a traffic violation, once they run your ID and plates they will see that you have the bench warrant and you will be arrested. 

It is called a bench warrant because you failed to appear on the bench before the judge in court. You need to be on the bench, and not the bench at a park, in order to not have a bench warrant out for you. There may be a funny history behind the name, but it is certainly not a laughing matter.

Reschedule Your Court Hearing In Advance

For whatever reason you may have to miss your court date, if you know in advance you need to call the court to reschedule it in advance. Waiting to reschedule your court date after you have already missed it is never a good option. Not only will you have a bench warrant, but if you get arrested again it will be much more difficult to get bail since you have already proved you will miss your court date.

There are not many reasons that are deemed good enough in the eyes of court figures for you to miss your court date. If you can’t make it, let’s say your child has surgery scheduled on that day, you need to call and reschedule immediately. 

You probably already know this, but if you tell the court you have to reschedule because you have a vacation that day, that will absolutely not be accepted. First, you aren’t supposed to leave the state and definitely not the country while you’re out on bail. Second, you need to show you are taking the matter seriously. Claiming that the date doesn’t work for you due to vacation will not bode well for you. If you have a vacation scheduled at the same time, your best bet is to reschedule the vacation.

What Are Your Other Options?

If you are scheduled to appear in court for a traffic violation, you can often take care of the charges before your court date, thus eliminating your need to show up for a court date. For a minor charge. you can plead guilty or no contest before and get any fees paid before you are required to appear.

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