What Is a Bounty Hunter? Avoid Getting Chased by One

If you are considering fleeing, think again. A bounty hunter will get sent after you and it's not like the movies...

Are you on the run? Are you considering it? Your best bet is to shoo those thoughts away. Want to know why? Well, for starters, you don’t want the law chasing after you. But do you know what’s worse? Having a bounty hunter on your tail. If you are out on bail and decide to skip the trial and flee, the bail bond company will most likely send a bounty hunter after you. But this isn’t any goose chase like you see in movies. It’s the real deal and the consequences are grave. 

What Exactly Is a Bounty Hunter?

A bounty hunter is a professional that is hired by bail bond companies to capture fugitives and bring them back to the authorities. And you can rest assured that bounty hunters aren’t here to play around and be nice. They will do whatever it takes to find you and bring you to justice. These hunters are licensed and registered and play an important role in the justice system. You don’t want to mess with them.

What Do They Get for the Chase?

You might be wondering why bounty hunters chase people down for a living. Well, apart from the adrenaline rush, they do it for monetary purposes. In fact, a bounty hunter gets around 10% to 20% of the bail amount. So, if the bail amount is $20,000, they make $2,000 to $4,0000 to find you. This money is known as a bounty. 

What Does a Bounty Hunter Do?

A bounty hunter spends most of their time investigating, interviewing, researching, and vigilantly watching locations they suspect the fugitive to be hiding at. They travel to different areas and gather information about the fugitive’s whereabouts. 

A bail bond company doesn’t pay the bounty hunter until they find you. Therefore, they try any available method to find you, such as: entering your home without permission, performing a background check, asking your friends and family, and surveilling the people in your inner circle. You might be thinking, “my family would never turn me in.” You’d be surprised at the number of times fugitives have been found due to their loved ones’ cooperation. They don’t want to be messily tied up in the law and risk their own freedom. 

How to Avoid Getting Chased by One?

The answer is very simple. Show up to all your court hearings and trial. So long as you abide by the bail rules, which will be given to you and reinforced by the bail bond company, you won’t deal with a bounty hunter. A bail bond company, like ABC Bail bonds, will send regular reminders about your court appearances, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting about them. If you do flee and are found by a bounty hunter, authorities will give you additional charges and lock you up again.

Team Up with ABC Bail Bonds 

ABC Bail Bonds wants to ensure a smooth bail process, and our bondsmen do all they can to keep you informed about court appearances. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns that come up along the way. Our goal is to get you home safely and keep you on top of the bail process. Get in touch with ABC Bail Bonds to learn more about what we can do for you.

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